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    Selling 1 def pure cb 66 for only 10M!!!!Selling this nice pure for only 10M, i just remembered it I had it lol My : [email protected] My vouches r in my sign or we will use a MM. It has no emails or recovers, can prove via teamviewer if u want[RSGP] Bandos pure 94range!Hey selling this Dragon pure that i originally made myself few years back that i don't play anymore. Email, recoveries and pin have been removed. Not really looking for much cash for this account. NEW A/w: 13M! -DT done, MM done, Dragon gloves, Dragon defender and more stuff Here are some pics Hit me in a PM or : [email protected]>lvl 73: 61 atk 3 Def 87 Str 60 range 46 pray 45 magic lvl 78: 60 atk 40 def 80 str 43 prayer.. Im Giving These Accounts away for a vouch,PM me[RSGP]Selling Awesome 26 Defence Pure, 79 Combat, Defence Quested, 91 Thieve![RSGP]So here i am selling my awesome infinity/initiate pure, which is 79 combat, and all defence quested, sadly it has no rune gloves but the new buyer can do them with ease!, it has very nice stats and pwns all wildy pkers . RSGP! What You Will Receive: 1. ALL Account Information. Including Recoveries, Previous Passwords, Email, Postcode, Mems Info! 2. The Account. When Trading: 1. You Will Give Me Feedback After The Trade. 2. You WILL Go First, Or OMM Used At Your Cost! 3. I Will Feedback You After The Trade. 4. I Will Be Filiming/Screen Shotting Everything! CONTACT: [email protected] () INFORMATION: The Recoveries/Email Will Be Taken Off When Serious Buyer Found! AUTOWIN: 40M RSGP! Enough of the talking here are the pics Thanks Everyone, Post Away! Have A Nice Day..Buying 1 Def Pure!buying a pure with 60 attack and at least 75+ str! 43 pray is a must also. pm me please!! looking to buy asap!!Looking to trade a main for a decent pure (1 def olny)Im looking for a decent pure with at least DT and mith gloves and 1 def,there is nothing but a whip and about 2m worth of runes on the account drop me a pm or post on here if interested. Sorry if its in the wrong section please move it to the correct one if possible.Buying One Def Pure. 100-300mil Rsgp FtI am spending up to 300M on a one defence pure, please do not offers Zerkers, turmoils, etc... cause I want one defence. Any kind of one defence pure can be offered: Hybrids, F2P, P2P, Mage, range.. whatever ! Some information: -I'm not buying from leechers -A recovery test shall be done (Not by me) -(o)MM will be used if I don't deem you trusted -The account cannot have any Black marks -You may not have botted on the account for atleast one month ! Some things that I will pay more for: Mithril/Addy gloves, MM, DT, Dungeoneering. I will not pay extra for your bank wealth, you can clean the account. If you want ANY more information, please post here. I will not take any offers (except account with defence) as spam. I pretty much copied this ^, but its exactly the same thing that I want to buy lol.Buying 1 Def Pure!buying a pure with 60 attack and at least 75+ str! 43 pray is a must also. pm me please!! looking to buy asap!! must have vouches!
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