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    99 Magic, 99 Smithing, 30 def, 1 attack, 43 pray [100mill]Accepting Western Union or Bank Transfer. Will accept paypal if your trusted. Willing to use an OMM, fees taken off your offer. Willing to call you using my real life phone or . This trade is legit , the account will never be recovered back. I'm quitting Runescape forever. Also the clanchat is sortof famous there's usually people in there.[RSGP/PayPal] Selling 82 CMB/99 mage/99hunter/75smith/89fish/80str/DragGloves(15mNET)Hi, I am selling my level 82 Zerker Pure. The DEF IS QUESTED. Has all Spellbooks. Only 40 QP Away from Barrows gloves. NO recovs. NO E-Mail. No Membership. All info will be given. I will not go first, i have been scammed twice so far with this account, i will do 50/50 though. Has hades paws(100%) + hades head. I am looking for 40-60$ or 40-60$ worth of RSGP. Pictures are below, vouches in sig. Only 6M cash, but around 10M in Snape Grass. Can make 5M+/hour with Imp minigame. Bid Away. A/W- $60/60M RSGP : [email protected] 44 def ranger 92 range 83 hp cmb lvl 83hi im selling this account.. um i havent uploaded a picture in mad long so i dont remember what site to use so if someone could help me out with that ill post the pics asap the account name is i am satan.. so feel free to look it up atm since i can't post a pic i understand i have no vouchers but am willing to use a mm or if ur a trusted person im not trying to get scammed or scam you so please take my noobyness into consideration. thankslevel 72 pure for sale (41 def) 50-80 rsgp or 76$ USD paypal onlyselling runescape pure 76$ USD (paypal) or 60-80m - contact me by email- [email protected] or call at 916-612-0454 if you would like to hide your number and put *67 for personal reasons dont expect me to answer i do not accept blocked numbers (may be able to negotiate price) execellent pker most pures hit constant ones with its beastly 41 defense has no gold im sorry on week days dont call until atleast 3pm pacific time because i have school thanks hope you like it BEASTLY NAME- AlphaKenyGrl (read name rlly fast til u get it) has membership left as of 4/3/11 so hurry and feel free to check on highscores and or adventures log and here are some pictures- bank- stats- Character- Perfect Range Tank (99 Range, Venge)COMBAT- 99+5. hey guys, I'm selling this perfect range tank. Check the pictures for more info. Leave an offer (paypal gifted) and your and I'll get in contact with you.$$$Master Accounts$$$Hello Runescape Community, I currently have these amazing accounts for sell, only serious buyers please. Accepting paypal $money$ paypal or runescape gold. [first picture]-73 combat***$80.00 or 90m rs gp [second picture]-64 combat***$50.00 or 60m rs gp [third picture]- 24 combat***$30.00 or 40m rs gp All three accounts currently have membership. There are other accounts but do not have membership and have defence levels let me know if interested. /[email protected][PP][RSGP]Amazing Lv 83 DEF Staker 4 SaleLv 83 Armor on Staker for sale: Stats: Profile: *No Registered Email *New Rec. ?s Set. Will give answers upon purchase of course. Items: *Full Statius [Non-Corrupt] Estimated Decay = 25 min. TOPS! *Vesta's Longsword [Non-Corrupt Price= 60m+] Estimated Decay = 25 Min. TOPS. *Corrupt Morrigan's Leather Armor.... Estimated Decay = 5 Min. Never really used. Overall the account is great for Melee Stakes with Armor on of course. As you can see it has no GP etc. but the items left on the account that cannot be XFER'd are worth tons to stakers at this time. The VLS alone is easily worth 30m+ if able to sell at its current state. Full Statius on the market runs at about 15m and at it's state now its easily worth 7-8m. It recently lost its membership so I cannot prove that these items are non-corrupt but I'm also not going to waste another $6 on a membership pin just to prove it. I've been a Sythe member for quite some time now I'm just not as Active as most. I will go first to Trusted Members of course. And i'm willing to use an OMM if you're willing to take the fees. PayPal Gift or RSGP will serve as payment for this transaction. : [email protected] I will be accepting Offers for this account. No set price ATM so hopefully I find something I like.[PayPal] Final Ownage Elite Member == 99 Mage, 91 Strength, 90 Range==
    Hey everyone. I am over RuneScape right now. haven't played my account for over a week now. Just don't feel i am ever going to play again. I have had this account for over a year now playing it on and off but this time it is the end. I am fully selling my account and moving on from RS. Anyway Its very good account, i have been a member of FOE (Final Ownage elite) pure clan for a few months and currently still am. I have not told anybody in the clan i am quitting so if you don't tell them your a different owner you will still be part of their clan, I can give you the password to my FOE Forum account also. So lets get started: This account is 100% legit. I have never purchased or used any sort of bot program. I refuse to pay for or use anything that plays a game for me. This defeats the purpose of the game entirely in my view. I have 78 Slayer which is extremely high for a 1 defense pure. Here are my stats, I was trying to max out all non-combat skills to 60 plus but did not quite make it. Combat level 79 and 75 Without summoning. Part of my bank, A nice amount of summoning gear to get you a very high level. Some nice gear, notice the Adamant gloves and the Ancient prayer book. Guthix book is 100% full of pages. My wealth is closer to 10m if you count the PKed gear in my bank i didn't get a photo of. Im happy to show you in-game if you like. Quests. All the required quests for an ultimate pure. So that takes us to the end of my account over-view. I am only accepting PayPal as payment. Post your offer here or add my at - [email protected]
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