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    SELLING TANK 93 range 75 defenseHey guys im selling my tank ranger account. it is a lvl 89 combat with 93 range 75 defense 52 prayer 86 magic. It comes with 14.2m in cash and a fire cape. The username is Mayh em, feel free to look up all the stats . Im asking for $65.00 only paypal but i am willing to [email protected]! feel free to contact me at [email protected] MAXXED Init pure for Main. 99 STR/ATT/MAGE 88 Dung 87 Mining!Selling this Beast pure for a main. mostly because I'm tired of not being able to do anything on RS besides... pvp. Will only work with TRUSTED members. If you're not trusted. love you off. I know how easy it is to recover a main, especially from back in the day. All info will be traded. EVERYTHING. If a recov test fails on your end, sorry. Not trading.. Post your offers below! Uploaded with ImageShack.usBuying Beastly Pure / Staker!You heard me im buying a dope pure or staker! Post like this! ONLY POST IF YOUR TRUSTED AND THE ACC HAS NO MEMBERSHIP RECOVS OR EMAIL! Price: Pic: :Selling 80-99-40 staker, with 99 thieving and 87 dung with chaotic rapier (RSGP)I previously bought this account from Lucster just a bit ago for 500mil RSGP and I went first of course and trade went smooth and I just realized I am not a staker kind of person. So I am going to try to sell it for as much as I can get so I can beautify my pure. I am not a retard so I realize I am a noob to these forums so I am willing to go first to well trusted members, or use an MM or OMM. either way. I am not looking to sell this to a person that resembles myself I would like to sell this account to a well trusted person so I can go first and it'll make things alot easier and smoother. So please offer away. + Has chaotic rapier and corrupt statius AW: not set Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with ^^ rapier and 99 thieving cape.Selling a nearly maxed Pure. Fire cape. CHEAP.It has Firecape. IT IS NOT FULLY QUESTED, THATS WHY ITS CHEAP. It has a rare 3 letter name aswell. Im looking for 15M, no lower. Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Enjoy. Im Trusted.{rsgp}selling Amazing 82 Range Hybrid Account 60cb{rsgp}THIS IS JONKOOO HERE SELLING THIS AMAZING 60CB PURE 20M this account has dt almost done only ice diamond left i have bought this account as a set of twins from vgoldseller and cant afford to pay the membership and playing on lots of accounts at the same time meaning i will not go first in any given circumstances only if you have 20+ vouches leave a comment here, add me on [email protected] or pm me if your interested good luck with the account[RSGP]Sell my account2m bank because got hacked over a months members left only accepting RSGP[RSGP/PP] AMAZING Zerker | 99 Magic | 95 Strength | Quested!Selling my zerker for rsgp. I might take swaps if the offer is good but i'm mainly looking for a range tank or 80+ dung account. Important Quests - Monkey Madness, Desert treasure, Fremmy trials, Lunar Diplomacy, Dragon Slayer, RFD (to addy), & alot more! AUTOWIN: 50M : [email protected] Stats Login Blackmarks
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