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    Selling Two Accounts Cheap [MUST GO][RSGP]I don't use these accounts anymore, so I'm selling cheap for RSGP to fund my current project account. Listed prices are auto win. I don't go first. Tank: Has desert treasure completed! 12m Pro Boxer: 20m Still has membership left, makes tons of money. This kid owns in the duel arena while boxing. Recovs will be provided, and email will be changed. Stats: Login: Comment with your offer below and the specified account. Also add your , and I will either get back to you via post here or on . I need to get rid of these for the RSGP. Thanks.[Paypal,RSGP]Level 60 pure, Dt doneNo1 wanted to buy some im closing thread, mod please close it check out my main that im selling sythe/showthread.php?p=9457665#post9457665Selling 72CB Initiate/mystic pureATK - 60 STR - 78 DEF - 20 RANGE - 71 MAGE - 94 HP - 71 PRAYER - 43 QUESTS - DT, LOST CITY, HFD, DEATH PLATEAU MONEY/ITEMS - 18.5M CASH, SEVERAL HUNDRED CASTS OF ALL ICE/BLOOD/SMOKE SPELLS. EITHER POST BACK, PM ME, OR AIM ME AT chippewa183[$5 AW] 88 Str Account - GTG today [Paypal Only!]SOLD to penguin_guy7 for $6 - no vouch as of yet (waiting for payment) I went first cos he seemed cool and who actually cares about $6? Going for $5 with no membership. I would consider renewing it after you paid if you want to pay more. It's done almost all the main f2p quests etc. Total level 674. Mainly combat levelled check links for more. Did earn 20 mil through cb but someone dropped and i have about 2 mil now on it after levelling construction. Want to sell today offers please: Ps check links below and only PAYPAL please strength. 99 range. 99 Mage. 1 defense. 70M.: [email protected] Hey guys. I recently just decided to sell over my baby. This pure has been with me day one, and hasn't been botted a day. He's not a member, he has no recovs but does have an email which I will promptly change for you. Stats:Selling Level 74 Void pure 63 / 65 /50 70 Farm and theif! [PP/RSGP]This account has a 690+ total level and high stats and full void! It has 70 theifing and 70 farming to do Sorceress Garden and almost 2k summer squirks to help get 99 theifing! Pictures:Amazing Maxed Pureplayerauctions/offer/...zing-54625910/[RsGp] Selling Nearly Maxed Zerker Pure! ( 1 2)Hey Sythe. This account used to be a 1 defense g mauler, and then I decided I was going to try to go into the big leagues and try to pk as a zerk pure...needless to say, I sucked at defense, if truth be told, and I would like to sell this amazing account for GP to start all over again as a 1 defense : [email protected] Attention: even though I was a visitor to this website for around 2 years, this is my first account sale. I *am* willing to go first. Account information: This zerker is not a member anymore, as I rarely play him. His membership ran out when he had dragon claws on him, so they are included, for free, in the bank. As I no longer have a credit card, I decided I wasnt going to try to get the membership back for the claws. Enjoy! Stats: Login: Bank: As I am proud to say, this account has *0* blackmarks. As for the price, I would like you to add me and offer (rsgp), which I conclude is pretty fair. I should be on for another 5 hours for college happy bidding!!!
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