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    Buying turmoil Zerker/pure -48 defence [RSGP]buying a turmoil berserker or pure the account must be under 48 defence. must have turmoil not worried about stats just TURMOIL Ill be paying with RSGP we will use a OMM with a recovery test if you dont agree to this dont add me. add me on- [email protected] Range Void Pure for RS pinThats it Screenshots is [email protected] lvl 84Korasi pure fcape slayhelm[paypal]
    Selling my korasi pure bec im quiting. The A/W 30usd or 45m rsgp. MY [email protected]/CENTER][Rsgp]77 Combat staker[200k tokens]I am selling a sexy dung pure here with 200k tokens He has a little work to do a few attack levels and get some higher str and you will dominate the duel arena. I will not go first, I will use an OMM you pay fee's. Not setting an a/w atm just looking for offers. All skilling and combat stats (other than att,str,def,hp) were gained from dungeoneering and will not effect the combat level.Selling a 69 pure, DT, addy gloves etc. [70 dung]Selling my pure here with 99 herblore, 70 dungeoneering, etc. Cmb is 69+0. A/W is 160m w/o claws, 180/w. Bank/wealth: Login screen: Stats: Last but not least; Blackmarks. [None! ;D]Buying Pure From 0mm Or Trusted!!!! Plzgotten scammed way too many times and now im just so tired of it and just want to find at least one person out there thats not a scammer. so if ur a mod or a very trusted member plz me at [email protected] and i will be happy to buy ur pure ty. looking for a pure pkerPatrificus Account's shop [MUST SEE] Stakers, pures, tanks. ( 1 2)Welcome to my Account's shop. I will be updating new accounts soon. Shop's information: None of these accounts have Emails/Recovers registered. We will use a MM or you will go first. I dont mind going first if your trusted. What do I mean by Trusted? Must show me a Vouchs thread with 20+ posts. I am only accepting Rsgp at the moment. No swaps Account 1: A really nice 41 def Ranger, can be used as a beast Void pure too. A/w: 12M (Membership: Untill 4th June) Account 2: A beast staker, 1 Summoning/Prayer A/w: 15M (Membership: Untill 22th May) Account 3: A sick pure, ready to Tb the pkers in wildy! 1 Defence, has Mithril gloves. `(SOLD) A/w: 10M (Membership: Not a member) Account 4: An awesome Range tank. Has lunars, dt, d gloves rfd A/w: 12M - Account has 2M wealth (Membership: Untill 17th May) My Vouches r in my signature (Trying to gain more) To contact me: My : [email protected] Post here Pm meSelling level 76 75 attack pureAlthough i cannot prove this, because he is non-member and i lost them pking, the account actually has the "unholy book, the bandos book, guthix book and sara book" All are complete... if neccessary and there is a big enough offer i may consider making a member to prove this. Clearly obvious quests complete: rfd to addy gloves underground pass MM I am not sure how to remove recovs/email though, could someone tell me?​
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