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    {rsgp}selling Amazing Pure Hybrid 1 Def 84 Range 82 Mage Dt Done{rsgp}jonkooo over here with this amazing 58 cb pure 15M this account has dt done was bought from vgoldseller and as i am quitting this account to start on my new pure i am selling it i will not go first in any given circumstance if you dont have 20+ vouches leave a comment here, add me on [email protected] or pm me if your interested thank you and good luck with the accountSelling Pures!! SKillers! LOOK! [RSGP]Hey i im selling these accs i don't play on anymore for RSGP ONLY!!! Pm me on here about details any kind of pics you want of the acc that i didn't post. -Will not go first sorry scammers -RSGP only -serious buyers only thanks =) First acc is a skiller with awesome stats and rare name bid starts at 10mill A/w 25mill Next is a main/Barrows pure quested with dt/ld/mm 7mill or best offer This acc wrecks hard DT done on it also with 27mill 45mill without 27mill 20mill or best offer. This acc is a 10hp mage acc 10mill or best offer not much to say about it lol First come first serve on the accs no waiting saying i will get the money tomorrow.Selling 99 DEF 91 cb Mage/Range tank!Title says all. I'm not sure how much he is worth. RSGP is the payment. I do not go first, we can use a really trusted MM OR OMM. [email protected] is my only . ThanksSelling 60 Attack Turmoil Zerk, 99 Strength, Level 95, [fully Quested][turmoil]Bank given with purchase: THIS BANK IS VALUED AT 50M. IF YOU WANT THE ACCOUNT WITH THE BANK YOU HAVE TO PAY 50M CASH EXTRA, OR $35 EXTRA ON PAYPAL. Quests: has alot of membership left, i'm looking for around $60 usd, $95 USD if bank is included. IRC or /vent communication. Offers on RSGP accepted aswell. : [email protected] Or inbox me/reply here onto this thread. I take paypal also if you don't have RSGP. You can also auto recover it yourself to see its not a scam. Purchase will include: Username Password Previous passwords Creation details ISP Past recovery questionsBuying Maxed Pure [1 Def][Swap, RSPG, + Paypal]Simple Enough: The stats I'm looking for are: 1 Defense 99 Strength 99 Range 99 Attack 99 Mage Any Dungeoneering (pref high though) Post or here, we'll discuss. I plan to pay in: Accounts RSGP PaypalTrading tank hybrid+ rsgp or $ for pure 99 range 99 mage 92 hunteri want to trade my tank ranger + real life pay pal or rsgp for a maxed pure or atleast 1 99 needs dt 94 mage 1 def thats it show me some ownage accs. no lowballs but offer plz i want a diff acc tank ranger is lvl 82 willing to spend so dont be shy good pures[SWEET ACC] 83 CMB, 90 Range 94 Mage [WITH FIRECAPE!]CURRENTLY: STILL SELLING Selling this account comes with torso, firecape, and the rest of the stuff in the inventory. It's got no recoveries or email. I'll be selling it for the highest offer, only RSGP. Not PP or no swaps. It's 42 def quested. And There is no starting bid. Place your offers, feel free to ask any questions etc. Thanks happy bidding! It's got a bank pin. Although I'll tell you the bank password. THANKS FOR READING! I'll meet up in game for sure.Level 67: 94 Mage 80 Range! Firecape too! [RSGP]CURRENTLY: STILL FOR SALE! Selling this account, it's got everything you see, I must warn you there is a bank pin. Which I will inform you of and tell you the pin. But there is no Recoveries or email. It's currently non members, and have 4M worth of wealth on it. So whatever you bid must have +4M on it. It's got desert treasure completed already. And has 1 summoning too. ------------ ------------ ------------ THANKS FOR READING POST YOUR OFFERS BELOW! NO SWAPS/PP.
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