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    [RSGP] 95 runite miner with 7 80+ skills 2x 99sSelling my old runite miner i dont use. I cannot get the recoverys removed, so i will supply you with them. Here is the login: Here is the stats: Im looking for around 40M for this account, but price may be negotiated is [email protected] purethis is a box/armour staker TAKEING RSGP. stats are 75 att 75 def 71 hp 49 str 80 dung it has 200k tokkens so u can buy ur chaotic weapon my is fizzted or pm me on this if u add i will show u full proof u can even do a recovery test and it has 20 days mem left.[SWAP] 6 WoW CD-Keys + 3 Beast RS Accounts for ANY Zerker! [SWAP]I'm looking to trade off 2x Cataclysm, 2x Wrath of the Litch King, 1x Burning Crusade, and 1x Vanilla WoW Keys (Total RSGP Value in CD-Keys = 160M!) +3 of my Accounts for a good Turmoil Zerker or just a regular Berserker Pure. Account 1: Stats: Quests: Items: Account 2: Stats: Quests: Account 3: Stats: Quests: Items:Buying runescape turmoil pure via paypalif you are trusted, i'll go first, if you are not, then we will talk it out. add me on : [email protected] TURM ZeRKeR 45 DEF Barows Gloves, Lunars, Ancient, F CAPE 100% Quested 2x99Selling this account, wery cheap! U go first or we will use mm. exept u have vounches. Just say your price to pm or post it here. Giving all right info. I will accept rs gp or paypal.level 72 pure with 90 herb and other money makers!THERE IS NO AUTO WIN, rsgp only.. yes i know 2 post and joined today but i WILL go first or pay for OMM... I do not play on this account and just want more GP *6 days last log in* cause its boring being f2p lol Offer away, 10m+ SB 10m- will be reported as spam, you have been warned. those are extremes you see, most of em anyways!selling lvl 63 acc rsgpselling my lvl 63 acc with 92 wc 73 firemaking and 62 crafting and more high lvls if you would like to buy leave a comment and i will tell you more info if your looking in to buying itRanged Tank 99 ranged!Selling my Level 102 Ranged tank for $43.00. Not even interested in runescape anymore! I can give you the email the account is linked to. Two membership Reference # and All passwords and past recovs. ATM NO RECOVS are set. So you can set them as I give you the account information. You Can contact me on my : [email protected] Not interested in scammers. Make offers as well, you might be surprised on what I might take. I am not interested on going first
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