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    [RSGP] Selling lv 90 Zerker Pure - 70atk|90str|45def|52pray|85mage|79range + 2 Whips[RSGP] Selling lv 90 Zerker Pure - 70atk|90str|45def|52pray|85mage|79range + 2 Whips Not sure what I am looking for or what others will give me, but offer away. We will use OMM if you want, but you pay fees. Post offers or PM me. 90 Zerker Pure[RSGP/PP] 69 Combat P2P Staker [RSGP/PP]Looking for a good offer UPDATED STATS: 74 HP | 70 STRENGTH | 69 COMBAT Add my : [email protected] level 69 pureIt has dt and most of the pure quest done, also has 60 att,80 str,1def, 65 range, 43 prayer,94 mage, and 71 hp/constitution. Excepting Paypal or RSGP. Contact me by email or add me . Thank you Login Screen s1085.photobucket/albums/...oginscreen.png Quest&Combat s1085.photobucket/albums/...ent=quests.png Stats s1085.photobucket/albums/ 63 Mauler!! 90 Mage!Hey guys, I'm selling this account because I recovered my main. It has a few good quests done. Also has un-filled zammy book. Almost has steel or black gloves. I will possibly swap, but looking for Paypal or RSGP. Thanks. [RSGP][Cheap] 60 Attack Pure For Sale [MM+DT Done]15m for it. RSGP ONLY!!! Feel free to make offers. Not scared of an MM, I encourage it. MM Done. DT Done. Horror From The Deep Done. Priest In Peril Done. Combat Level is 70. Stats: Quests: Login: Warn/Ban/Mute:[rsgp]buying 99 Range Account[rsgp]hey guys im looking to buy an account with 99 range. stats must be the following att-1-40 str-1-40 def-1-99 range 99 mage1-99 pray 1 dung 1 summ 1 i will be paying in rsgp so leave offers here or pm me[PayPal/RSGP]60att/99str/1def Fully Quested Pure Addy Gloves MM DT [Paypal] ( 1 2)sold please close modsSelling Ini pure and BoxerHello, I'm selling my ini pure with (Mith gloves quests for addy done too lazy) Hasn't done Dt ect i'm orignal owner of both accounts all account infomation will be given too new owner I'm interested in Account swaps from (trusted players) or RSGP OMM you pay for a OMM or a really trusted MM or you first. Both accounts have no recoveries i have no set price i don't know what they're worth i'm just trying too see how much i can get for my account and if the fofers right i'll accept now less talk more photo's D: Ini pure has a Awsome name. Now the boxer level 67, no quests done 1 Prayer Perfect boxer just not into staking anymore. My is - [email protected]
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