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    [BUY] Buying an awesome pureHas to have atleast 2-3 99's I am paying buy RSGP and i currently have 220M so i am willing to spend it. Atleast 1 99 to do with combat!Buying Gmauler! ( 1 2)Hello I'm interested in purchasing a gmaul account. I can offer up to $25 OR 50mil. The requirements are 50 Attack Idc Strength 1 defence Less than 20 prayer Would prefer it to be quested No recoveries or email Would also prefer you be trusted. We can use a mm of my choice(That gets your approval as well) Pm and Post offers Then Add [email protected] to discuss(RSPG / PAYPAL] Level 89 Skiller 7 99'sThis account was traded to me along with another account for my WoW account recently, I don't really care for it I wanted the other account more, So i decided to sell this one off, I have the recoveries, Membership details, Account creation dates etc (Will be removing recoveries soon) and email is changing to one i selected which will be given along with the trade. O.K so here is some of the accounts pics. STATS QUESTS INVENT LOGIN Looking for RSGP / Paypal gift I will NOT be going first unless your are a $50+ donator, have 50+ vouches, are a trusted MM or a Mod I have the right to refuse trades with who ever I wish. No A/W as of yet so offer away. Happy bidding.S:cmb 94/103 zerker / Turmoil / b gloves / veng / 217 qp / 1774 total / etcHey everyone it's a Beast level 94 zerker that I'd like to sell . DO NOT BOTHER OFFERING IF YOU THINK I'LL GO FIRST I'd prefer YOU to go first OR we do a 50/50 I have no reason to scam, I only play for fun Ask other people who have gone first with me If we use a MM they have to be an OMM and you pay the fees im taking RSGP only coz i'm not using paypal . stats: wealth praegu: quest points: reccs: appeal: put ur offers here.1M for level 63 main!!Looking for only 1M for this account!! Please PM me if your interested!!Pure 3 def MAXED 80 ATTACK 100 DUNG!Im selling my 1 (3 fail) defence pure, Im not sure what its worth. And im not sure if i am planning to sell it for realcash or rsgp. Please offer. I will use a OMM. Addy gloves desert treasure done, Even roving elves. Got the veteran cape! Very original name with no numbers.99 str/mage/range 60 atk 1 def. ( 1 2 3)Hey guys its Scribbleee here selling my max 60 attack 1 def pure , right i'm selling this pure for rsgp only, as i do not wish to have to look for a gold seller, its just effort :p, i will not be going first. My vouches will be below, if your a newcomer then don't worry, but don't expect me to trust you!, add me on or pm "[email protected]" Offer me with or without wealth HAS UNHOLY BOOK -18M. Login - Stats - Wealth/bank - Uploaded with Vouches - can click my sig if needed. Quote: Originally Posted by Chaos669 Vouch! This guy is legit, I sold him 30M and he went first. Great guy to deal with. Quote: Originally Posted by Accounts For Accounts Vouch for Scribbleee! Got me from 59-67 mining!! Thanks!!! Quote: Originally Posted by kayosman Vouch for Scribbleee, got me 50 strength free and quickly. Quote: Originally Posted by dermotmarlowstcolumbsdoir Big vouch for scribbleee! Got me from 65 to 70 defence for 1mill and got me from 68-70 HP also! Left 5m+ worth of items in the bank and he didn't touch at all. Excellent service. Will work with him again for sure! Quote: Originally Posted by OwenWant Vouch for Scribbleee. Got me 60k Mining exp for free on a f2p account Very friendly guy! cheers. Quote: Originally Posted by Sara2thespaceman VOUCH for Scriblee! Got me some free mining levels. Super trustworthy and easy to work with! Quote: Originally Posted by h2rratimmo Vouch for Scribbleee. Sold him gold for paypal. Trade was smooth. Quote: Originally Posted by kishos Big Vouch For Scribble , Got Me Some Good Quick Levels On My Pure , Offered For Free But Paid Him As It Was Right Thing To Do ,, Thanks Alot Will Come Come Again mutes. Quote: Originally Posted by wackywamba huge vouch for scribbleee sold him 15mil I went first - very very trusted member helped me out a lot. really very useful.Selling 99 str zerker with 60m+ cash!I am selling this because i do not play at all anymore, i have lost interest and want money to modify my car so I will not be accepting RSGP, paypal only, I am taking offers. I am the only owner ever of this account, its current cb level is 91. I was a famous f2p pker on this, videos are still on youtube, it gets alot of attention. Couldnt price check because its not a member, all the rune is from f2p pking in 1 day, it is great f2p and p2p. NO bots at all have ever been used on this account. Pics: I will be happy to answer any questions about this account. You first or official , you pay fees. Happy bidding.
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