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    [180+ Vouches][35+ Accs Sold] Lvl 76 Pure | 99 Range & Mage | Def 1SOLD! Check for more amazing accounts found in my account store. Thank you.Selling Amazing Level 60 ! Own in wildy! How much will you pay? Offer now.S T 3 N PK 'S S A L E S¬@ [PAYPAL][PAYPAL][PAYPAL][PAYPAL][PAYPAL][PAYPAL][PAYPAL][PAYPAL][PAYPAL][PAYPAL] OFFER HOW MUCH YOU ARE WILLING TO PAY? YOU GET IT ALL THE ACCOUNT & 121M+ OF CASH! New vouches thread : sythe/showthread.php?p=8718581#post8718581 Any buyer's of my accounts or gold can you please start to vouch me as i need them! thanks.Turmoil Rune pure Rsgp[80 Dung] ( 1 2 3)Backround: Why are you selling? I'm moved on from Rs and If I do log in it will be on my main to say hi to friends but I got all there cells #'s mostly. Information on the account: No recoveries. : [email protected] MAGE BOXER!Yep buying mage boxer must have DT Done preferably - No wealth, 11 prayer, 94+ Mage, 60+ def.[rsgp] !!!amazing!!! 1 Pray 1 Sum Staker - 87 Dung - Rapier + Cls - Cb 97This staker is the ultimate combo. Use the Rapier for first, fast hits and CLS for the final blow. Hits a lot. You'll make millions with it, I'm sure of that. C/O: 80M in another forum. A/W: Highest. RSGP offers only! To buy, add [email protected] in . We use MM to do the trade.[SELLING] Turmoil Pure 90Str Cheap!CLosedTrading Zerker Pure for F2P Pure**I am looking for a 99 Strength/1 Defense pure. I dont care if the prayer is 1 or 32, or if the attack is above 40. Range should also be a decent level but if not, no worries. **My account is level 90 and has Monkey Madness, DT, Fremmy Trials, and a few other big quests done. It has 88 Strength 75 Attack and 45 Defense. It also has 82 Magic and 75 Range. It comes with PvP gear and some cash. **The reason I am looking to trade is because it isnt a member anymore and I dont play runescape much. When I do go on I F2P PvP- and lets face it, this account may be great in P2P, but when I get to F2P its almost a "main". **Let me know what you have (or any questions), reply and send a message, I am looking to get done with this account this weekend. Thanks. ---EDIT--- It has Dragon claws as well! This is a steal, the bank account is worth about 20M alone (with the claws)Buying High HP Pure No Pray or SummBuying an pure with high hp level for staking. Ideal stats: 75 Attack, 90+ Strength, 94 Mage, High HP 1 Pray/11 Pray if DT is done. 1 Summ I don't want any wealth on the account as I can xfer my own. I'm looking for JUST the stats. Post accounts here and a price. EDIT: Or I am buying a MAGE BOXER.
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