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    [RSGP] Huge ACCOUNT SALE! MAXED MAINS! 9 HP! PRO STAKERS! PRO RUSHERS! MUST SEE!Whats up everyone. I'm here today looking to get rid of some of my accounts that i don't use! fortunately for everyone here on sythe, ill be getting rid of these account for decent prices. These accounts just sit around and i don't use them at all, so it came to me that i should get rid of them and let other people enjoy them, and help fund my new maxed turm zerker. I AM ONLY ACCEPTING RSGP! Please do not offer me swaps, i do not need more accounts, also please do not offer me paypal, i dont need to deal with getting charged back. If you are interested in an account, please add my with any questions you might have. I will be online most of the day today looking to get rid of these accounts, please feel free to post your offers! ALL ACCOUNTS COME WITH NO RECOVERIES/EMAIL!!!!! [email protected] Account #1: Maxed Main with great skilling stats! Great of PvMing or pking. Account #2: Amazing pro staker with rapier. Also has 1 prayer and summoning, along with 99 hunter and fishing! Easy to make billions with an account like this. Account 3: Pro Gmaul rusher! Great stats that take a lot of time and effort to make. 97 mining, will take 2 days to get 99. Was made in soul wars so it has low hp, making the account stronger then pures his level! Also has most pure quest done, including mith gloves, horror from the deep, and death plateau. Account #4: Rare 9 hp account! The stats pretty much tell it all, this account is rare, and will only become more valuable as time goes on and less and less are left. Account #5: Starter low level mage boxer! This account could already own in the duel arena, make tons on this account by mage boxing. Account #6: and Bunny Ears account! Level 88 with and Bunny ears, has some decent skilling stats that could be made better with time, this account has the potential for pretty much anything! Account #7: This account is another almost maxed main, another great account for pking and making money PvMing. Bank is pretty much cleaned as the rest of the accounts. [email protected] 89 Armour staker, VLS, Statius, Chaotic rapier and Sheild!Hello I'm selling this amazing armour staker/boxer, The account has full statious armour (full version) , the full version of Vesta's longsword and the full version of Statius's Warhammer(Comes out to 70m+) It has 89 dungeoneering and comes with Chaotic Rapier and Chaotic Kitesheild. It also comes with full torags and staff of light (can use) and full corrupt morrigans to wear against mage stakers to beat them. Please note: I am only selling for CASH and ONLY via playerup(They accept PayPal and Credit Card payments) To buy please click the secure check out button below and it will bring you to my PlayerUp listing..(Also please read very bottom of post for further understanding as to how you are 100% safe from me ever recovering): Price: $ 55 USD (VIA ONLY!) Why buy from me? All the accounts I sell come with every previous detail I have, and are only ever owned by me. I will never recover them. Stats: Wealth: Amazing gear to beat anyone: VLS and Stat ham are the full versions with spec: Account has no recoveries or email set and 9 days of Members left: The account has never gotten a mark against it: For anyone worried about accounts being recovered, please read the following: has my photo ID, and my address and other personal information. If i were to recover an account and you report me to them for it they would pursue legal action against me. Not to mention they have buyer insurance where if an account is recovered they refund you your money in market credits to purchase another account of the same price. Also I'd supply you with previous passwords, Transaction ID, where i created the account, ISP created under, and the recovery answers ( if account has recovery questions set to use until you set your own) upon purchase. My PlayerUp Vouches: To view my vouches yourself go to: playerup/offer/...theshowersceneselling ags pureHELLO IAM TAKEING RS CASH FOR THIS ACCOUNT ITS MY OLD AGS PURE. ADD MY TO TALK ABOUT IT OR PM ME. IS fizzted.Selling level 77Hello, below is a account that I haven't played for a couple of years. I think I made him back in 2007. I would like to get 2.50$ for him, or 3mil in RSGP. All the skills are down below in the pictures. He also has tons of holiday event items. We can discuse more on :[email protected] Vouch Page: sythe/showthread.php?t=1198473Selling 40 defence Turmoil pure [Must Use OMM][RSGP]Hello everyone it's teh99prayerkid here, ive been playing on my turmoil pure for a while now and am only a few quests from having turmoil and its just going to be too much work for me and im tired of having all the work to do so im just going to sell it NEED RID OF THE ACC RITE NOW IF YOU CAN DO 100M RSGP ILL TAKE IT NOW! Some extra info about my account: The name it has, i've been offered 45m for the name so it's a sick name for a turmoil pure :p Here Are some Pictures of my account: ----> desert treasure is done! I WILL ONLY BE USING AN OMM [YOU PAY FEE'S OR WE CAN GO 50/50] DUE TO THE AMMOUNT OF PROBLEMS THAT GOES ON WITH ACCOUNT TRADING, LOOKING FOR A CLEAN FAST TRADE TO GET RID OF THIS ACCOUNT. PLEASE POST HERE AND ADD MY TO TALK MORE ABOUT MY ACCOUNT! : [email protected] NOTE: IF ANY PICTURES ARE NEEDED PLEASE SAY SO AND I CAN POST THEM ON HERE!selling lvl 63 acc rsgpthis acc has lvl 92 wc yes lvl 92 wc and other good s**t if you would like to buy please leave a commentSelling 3 Beast Accounts!Update all being sold for 10-15m each. Good evening Sythe currently selling three runescape accounts, below are the pictures of the accounts for sale. Rules stand as normal for any account sale, I will go first if you are trusted, i will take payments through PA/PP/MB/RSGP. If you are not trusted a OMM/MM can be used at both our own expenses 50/50 RSGP payments prefered. S/B for all accounts is 30M. My is [email protected] Account 1 & 2 Both have no recoveries or email and #3 does but all details isps etc will be provided. #1 Range staker SW'd hp #2 AGS pure SW'd #3 Barrows pure/skiller/hc'er/hybrid[295+ Vouches][110+ Acc's Sold] Lvl 81 Pure | Cook 99, Magic 94, Str 93 | Fire CapeUnavailable For more accounts visit my account shop. Thanks
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