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    Selling Lvl 95 RS ACCOUNT [HOT]im selling my lvl 95 runescape account. i will trade my account for Runescape gold. i am ready to use a middle man. Contact on : [email protected] the account got alot of high stats like woodcutting 89,range 77,hp 80,attack 75,strength 80,defence 76,slayer 63.[PAYPAL/RSGP] Selling lv 64 pure with 94hp!A/W - 115$ RSGP - .4/M This account does still have the 200K tokens, so if you were wishing to buy a rapier, or w/e item, you still have 200K tokens. I will not go first, unless you seem trusted. I am the owner, and I will give you all the creation information when you buy the account.* * * f2p str pure !str level 82 !!!! * * *heey guys i am selling a good f2p str pure let me know.. auto-win : 20m[GURU 20+ VOUCHES] Selling level 72 99 str 1 def1 def 99 str LEVEL 72 - [email protected] rsgp onlylooking acc with these preferred stats: 40 attack 85+str 85+def 90+range 1 pray mage is optional. might be willing to trade a maxed main, if you add cash, or we can decide on a fair price. Pure 99 STR/40 ATT/59 MAGE/64 RangeThis account was made for pking, with level 65 Cb. I only want things related to Runescape, and nothing else. I most prefer RSGP. Make your offer, and PM me! (Sorry, i got mostly members stuff)Selling quested 30 defence pure.So im selling my almost done turmoil pure, its 88 prayer. Pictures : Login : email and recovery questions will be removed when i get a buyer. Stats and nontradeable items : Maul has 90% charge and rapier 71% charge. Combat is 98+6. Stats update : Cursed prayers. It has no black marks at all so i wont even bother to add the picture. Lowest bid is 50m No autowin. Also taking PayPal but only from trusted users. if your interested in this account please post ur messenger here or pm me with your messenger.Swapping This Sick Account For A Pure!Hey guys im selling my 6 year old account, i am the original owner and i staked away the bank unfortunately im looking for a pure hybrid swap, preferable stat range 70+ Range 94 Magic 70+ Strength 1-52 Prayer 1 Defence 50-60 Attack Possibly most pure quests complete such as; RFD(Addy Gloves) DT, MM etc some good features about the account: Turmoil Imbued Rings(has 300+ mobilising armies rank) Enough charms for 92 Summoning Ardy Cloak 3 Barrows Gloves Korasi Veteran Cape As you can see the account has almost 6 year old offences which no longer affect the account i cant seem to remove the recovery questions so ill supply them to the buyer and they can change them we will also do a recovery test using an mm to ensure i can't take back the account
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