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    Good zerker with [+53M GOLD] [+MEMBERSHIP] - 55$more vouches win lmk Here are statsSelling Lvl 85 Starter Zerker|Torso|Void TopSelling my med lvl zerker. It is a starter zerker with torso and void top. Taking all rsgp offers. A/W:10m : [email protected][paypal][4x99][zerker] Wts Decent [zerker][4x99][paypal]LEVEL 96 ZERKER. 4x99 = Agility, Strength, Range and magic. Wealth: 45million RSGP. No email ect. Membership - End of Month I haven't played Runescape for quite a long time now. I've membership the account due to bonus for selling hoping there maybe more takers. Quit the game also I have 2 accounts so by all means if in the near future i ever plan on coming back It will be to my Maxed Main. I'm looking to sell my runescape account to put towards traveling for 8 Months around the world. As me and a load of friends from UNI have took a gap year for this. I'm looking for Serious buyers. Paypal Will be preferred payment. OMM/MM Is a must if buyers are none repped and seem a little dodgy. You can offer me by Leaving a post on here or by contacting me via this information: OFFER: £0-$110 AW: £70 = $110 : [email protected] : Andrew.venning2 Phone: 07796984710Buying a zerker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Just as the title says I'm buying a zerker to have fun with. Can either be turm or not. really not going to be too strict on what kind it is just 45 def QUESTED and have no recovs is a must. other than that just reply or pm me to talk . is [email protected] 85+4 99 range 45 def acc! Venge/cannon! 76 str 60 att! quested! ( 1 2)Hey everyone title says it all selling this awsome level 85+4 accuont with 60 att 76 str 45 def 99 range 52 pray 94 mage! It is fully quested meaning dt,mm,lunar, fremmy trials for archer helm, the dwarf cannon quest is also done! Also has 99 hunter! A/w 50m 2 Amazing AccountsHey guys i'm selling these two amazing accounts. they are both great i just dont have time to play these. i made probably 300 mil from the first account and its a great staker. i have played the second account from when it was level 3 and it has been a pure, zerk, now a main. it has barrows gloves, its fully quested, 99 mage and hunter, and HAS EXTREME POTIONS which cost around 100 mil to get. please make offers either through pm or on here. happy biddingNice WoW acc. For RSTaking offers.. Runescape/Paypal.. Pictures Shammy: 2 piece t12, item lvl 371 with a few pieces of pvp gear, so like 369 pve ilvl enhancement. Death Knight 2 piece t12, item lvl 372 prolly 370 pve.. Tank/blood. Contact me through email at [email protected] TRADE PENDING FOR A SKILLER AND SANTA HAT TRADE.. OFFER UPBuying 99 Range/99 Magic accountIm looking for a 99magic/99 Range account other stats don't really matter to much. Please post offers.
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