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    how much are these stats n cash worth?how much USD are these stats n cash worth.. answer sepratly please.[swap]selling a zerk/hand cannoner[rsgp]Thread moved: sythe/showthread.php?t=1239231Looking for a RusherLooking for a good rusher atm. Post the stats and combat lvl. D Claw or DDS rusher preffered. i got Paypal and RSGP.. ill go first if your trusted.Low Lvl [cheap] ~pure Shop~~ ( 1 2)closedselling two wonderful account's 134 [8x99]+ 91[3x99]!Hello today i am selling two of best runescape account's to date! both account have nothing in the bank except basic stuff like skillcapes ect.. and both accounts have "0" blackmarks i am not looking for much for each account because i they have been abandoned i dont have time for the any more, although i am looking for rsgp. ACC #1 Account #1 is my main player-killing account this account i have had the most fun on during my runescape period, it has made me over 7B in boxing is truely amazing account, i am not looking for much to be fair. ACC #2 Account #2 is another amazing account for player-killing i have earnt quite alot on this account to but not as much as my main, this account was mainly used for wildy but was a very big success to be fair. if you are interested in any of these account add my it is in my signature.How much is are these stats worth?Whats the price check on these stats? cb:65 att:40 str:90 hp:77 rng:84 pry:31 agi:53 fsh:80 dung:5 fltch:14 farm:6Boxer/whip Staker [70/34/75][cheap]!!Keeping it simple.. I never play on this anymore. I would rather just get money or rsgp for it. The account speaks for itself. Very beast boxer or whip staker. I never could get into staking.. 68 Combat! Pictures: Stats: Pretty straight forward boxers. Hardly any skilling. Log-In: no recoveries or current email. Green Zone: No offences or infractions. Acc: - Bank has been cleared pretty much. - None to barely any quests done. Rules of The Trade: -Accepting RSGP or PayPal -You go first unless I deemed you more trusted than me. -Willing to use a Trusted MM or OMM (you pay). -Add me for any questions. Post: Quote: : Offer: Added Me?[rsgp] 97+5 Pker! [rsgp]Closed.
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