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    Level 59 with 99 MagicLevel 59. It's a good pker, if you use fire surge OR polypore staff & you can practically 2 hit (sometimes even 1 hit) the other pures. Note: Like half the quests are done for Desert Treasure! Account: (yes it is a member, enjoy) Using a trusted MM, i will sell to the highest bidder. A/w = 30M Current/Winning bet = 20M from S.O.L.D.A.T My : [email protected] Obby MaulerIm looking for an obby mauler, must be 1 def . Im willing to do a swap or i can pay RSGP .selling lvl 50 99 mageselling my 10 hp 50 cb 99 mage pure for gold only. let me know no scams youll be going first. legit fake email so no recoverey check youll know once you see email. i can log on it and quick chat the mage lvl. post your offers in no rush to sell just one of my accounts im sitting on not using. ill try and egt pics but i have older posts with same acc just never sold. stop playing a while ago sorry for long speech just not here to waste time.Selling 49cb Sw-trained F2p Pure *rapes In Pvp* ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)*ACCEPTING RSGP and membership upgrades or a combination of the two *ONLY going first to trusted members! IF you would not like to go first then please get a trusted MM (in which we both agree upon to use) at YOUR expense. *IF you wish to purchase the account please notify me if you want me to postpone the trade and delete the recoveries (will take a few days) or if you would like me to just tell you the recoveries. *IF you are interested in the account please post a offer. HIGHEST BID WINS I think thats about it.. any questions feel free to ask!Buying a 85+ mage and 80+ str Account!i want an account with 85+ mage and 80+ str if it has range that would be appreciated but no def please. i can do irl(paypal) or i can do rsgp! dont try to pull one over cuz i know about the prices for accounts. add me on -snrjayboyLooking for a LVL 3 account with 99 RUNECRAFT99 RUNECRAFT 99 RUNECRAFT 99 RUNECRAFT I WANT RUNECRAFTER!!! OFFER!! msg me on [email protected][RAR€] Plain 9hp account! [HOT]Offer away![RSGP]b3trayedyou's account shop.[RSGP]Yes I am aware that i have a low post count, I am not here to scam I am here to make rsgp. Account #1 Email login account still in starter dungeon level 3 Account #2 Email login account still in starter dungeon level 3 Account #3 Name login account Skiller level 3 Account #4 Email login account Mage pure f2p level 20 Account #5 Name login account Pure f2p level 31 has 250k Account #6 Name login account pure f2p has 10k Account #7 Name Login account F2p has 150k Account #8 Name Login account F2p has lots of junk. Account #9 Email login account P2p(untill january 22nd) Could be a good starter account. Account #10 Name Login account has 99 fletching and 89 hunter P2p a good account overall If you wanna make a offer reply below or add me on : [email protected]
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