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    Great Starter Staker AccountI'm selling this account $12. We will be using a MM, or you will go first, NO EXCEPTIONS. Monkey Madness is done, and this account can be turned into something really good. Thanks for looking!Sellin 99 str 99 range 1 def 1 pray!!??Sellin ownage pure / master range staker Starting Bid:15m or 15$ A/W:100m or 100$ Trade Methods 1. will go 1st if u are a trusted sythe member 2. will use OMM 3.50/50(depends) 4. you will go 1st Interested? Add my [email protected] or pm me[PayPal][RSGP] Selling Lvl 86 Pure [Offer Price]Im selling for either Paypal or RSGP Offer Your Price.[PAYPAL]looking for account with chaoticlook up Darkstar2674 for it maybe $$$[RSGP] Mage box staker!! 94 mage 70 def!!!As the title says, im selling this Staker, it is really good at mage boxing no matter what level you face. it has made me some good money, but now i want to focus on my main so im selling it. It has no recovs, Email registered but i will change once purchase is complete, Has 8 days membersship left Post on here or me : [email protected] I will not go first unless you are trusted. (20+) vouches Omm if you want but you pay fees A/w : 15m OR 10m and 1 pin Pics :[RSGP] CB 79 AGS PURE 1 DEF, FIRECAPE, 90 STR 82 MAGE 52 prayDT, RFD(mith), MM DONE A/W: 50M RSGP May accept a little lower. Not accepting paypal. May accept swap if it's appropriate. Will use official MM or I'll go first if you're very trusted. May be willing to do 50/50. Post offers here. EDIT: Will delete recoveries after I find a buyer, will proceed to send screenshots of this if needed.looking for perfected staker1 pray - 1 def - rest maxed idc about skillls or questsSelling Level 60 Hybrid Gmauler - 85 rangeHybrid Pure: Looking For PP/RSGP Leave/PM me your or PM me asking for mine. Im not going first. Willing to use MM/OMM on your exspense.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.