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    [RSGP] Buying A pure - NO NEWCOMER! [RSGP]Hello Sythe Members i need a new Pure to Pk on Runescape. I have 500M to deal with and decent swaps. C o N t A c T : [email protected] : pr01337Niko Youtube: QwuittedPkr Requirements 1-5 Defence 90+ Magic 85+ Ranged 90+ Strenght 80+ Hitpoints 1-52 Prayer 1-75 Attack Other skills doesnt matter 99's will do better! DT - MITH/ADDY GLOVES - MM - DDS. NO FAILED PURES. NO EMAIL - Recovers... meh NO NEW-COMERS! ACTUALLY I ONLY WANT TO SEE OFFERS FROM PEOPLE THAT ARE TRUSTED/ HAVING A ATLEAST 10+ VOUCH FOR ACCOUNT SELLING. THIS IS A SERIOUS TOPIC I HAVE 500M+ TO DEAL WITH AND IM WILLING TO GO FIRST! > MY VOUCHES RSGP][30+ Vouches] Selling Lvl 85 Starter Zerk 60Att/91Str/43Def 87 Magic+DT!Selling my level 85 zerker pure. I don't have time to complete. Looking for a decent Paypal or RSGP offer to get rid of him. Will use unless you have more vouches than me. Post All Offers on Thread Below! : [email protected] PIC: I am the original owner all information will be provided with sale. Including recovery's which you can change in 14 days to your own.buying 1 def pure with 94 mage and high str or rangebuying a 1 def pure with 94 mage with ancients and with either high range or str will pay rsgp or paypal. trusted sellers only! i may go first if you are trusted enoughSelling Amazing Pure, Dt,mm,addy Gloves,unholy Book,94 Mage, 99 Thieve + Agility!What's up Guy's, selling this incredible pure! It has everything which a pure needs including: -Completed Unholy Book -Zamorak Cape -All pure quests done! -RFD - Addy gloves (best a pure can wear) -94 Mage -Full Ghostly -99 THIEVE AND AGILITY! This really is a great account and i have had countless fun playing on it, it rips up the wildy considering its only 70 COMBAT! Please take a look at the pictures below for more info, if you like what you see be sure to add me on and leave a comment ([email protected]) I am only accepting RSGP or PAYPAL, I have over 20 Vouches, and have been a member of sythe since 2008. So you can be sure that it will be a safe and speedy trade! Good Luck buying and add me if you have any questions. THE PICTURES.|SWAPS| |void pure| 80 RANGE! | |RSGP|Hey guys im looking to sell my void pure for rsgp to fund a 1 def pure im going to start. im mainly looking for rsgp but i will accept decent swaps THE AUTO WIN IS 8MILSelling BEAST Lvl 88 Initiate Pure *Near Maxed* *Quested* [RSGP]Hey everyone I've had this initiate pure for a while but I'm starting a new turmoil pure with 60 attack and need to sell this to get enough money for turm. This account has done nature spirit, currently has addy gloves, and can get rune. If you love pking this is a great account for it. The account only has around 100k wealth so I didnt include a picture of it. The e-mail registration will be taken off upon purchase. I'm going to start the bidding at 30m. Message me here on sythe and we can find a way to talk to each other.[RSGP] Selling starter zerker pure! [RSGP]Please delete. Account problems.
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