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    {paypal} buying a stakermageboxer or rapier, preferably. cant afford maxed mains so don't bother with those. post k thanks80 Attack/Dungeoneering Pure (includes Chaotic Rapier)Contact me on e-mail: [email protected] or forum PM A/W: 50M Current bid: N/A[RSGP]Venge, Void Pure! D Gloves [94 STR]For sale is a venge void pure. Please see pics for reference. OMM is fine. Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with A/W: 75m[RSGP]Selling Fully Quested 1 Def Pure[RSGP]Hey guys, today I'm selling my pure that I rarely use since I don't really like pure pking. I'm selling it for rsgp only, I will not be going first unless you're extremely trustworthy or we can use a OMM at your expense. Pictures: Stats Pots Items Quests Login Will remove email and recoveries once I get a serious buyer and will provide a new picture. No AutoWin but 93 herb was 140m, also has firecape full zamorak and ancient god books and decent stats so serious offers please. Vouches: Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay666 Bought pin of Droptime, went fast and legit. good seller Recommend!! Quote: Originally Posted by lopeta Vouch for Droptime sold me upgrade for 8 m, THANKS. Quote: Originally Posted by conor2560 About to sell me one Edit: Vouch, all went through fine. Quote: Originally Posted by cobb Vouch - bought an upgrade, I went first. Quick and Easy! Quote: Originally Posted by khalsa1430 Big vouch for Droptime! Quick, efficient, and nice guy to talk to you. Thanks again for selling me a pin! Quote: Originally Posted by lopeta Vouch for Droptime, sold me 2 more upgrades, great seller. Quote: Originally Posted by gemad VOUCH! bought 1 upgrade and i went first! really good seller! Quote: Originally Posted by HAHAHAHAHAHA Was hesitant at first due to low post count, but trade was very fast, I went first. Thanks! Quote: Originally Posted by zana777 VOUCH for my man droptime. bought 2 upgrade fast as hell. great seller ++++++. will buy more. Quote: Originally Posted by Adr1x bought a pin. used Fatality mming. Ty.[rsgp]*selling*must See*beast Pure*addy Gloves*firecape*4 99s*[rsgpDT|Addy Gloves|MM|Losty City|Elemental I & II done No recoveries or email are registered. Autowin - 120m. You can contact me via @ Elison.Wade Note: I will also provide you with previous passwords, old recovery information, previous member information, and creation dates if you are a legit buyer. Happy bidding.{rsgp} Selling Lvl 91 Rapier Pure. 1 Def. {rsgp}PICTURE: tinypic/view.php?pic=2rfvket&s=7 The Accounts Member Ship Ends On June 1, 2011. ONLY ACCEPTING RSGP. Account Still has 1 Million GP in Items + Chaotic Rapier + Arcane Stream Necklace. Start The OFFERS PP] Selling Combat 91 Rapier Pure. [RSGP/PP]PICTURES IN LINK: tinypic/view.php?pic=2rfvket&s=7 AutoWins. Habbo - 20 Gbs. RSGP - 95M. PayPal - $45. Start Bidding. (If Bidding gets Close to AutoWins they will be raised.)selling beast lvl 80 40 def tankmain stats: attk-5- str-95 range-99 def-40 hp-83 pray-13 mage-95 (with lunar done) summoning-1 dung-11 total lvl-1300+ 99 hunter total bank worth is around 5m. 48 quest points. hand cannon quest done. offer prices RSGP preffered but will take Cash via paypal. OMM at your expense
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