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    Selling Almost Maxed Pure (Anchor | 11 Brawlers | Quested | 3 99's |So I am selling one of my best accounts due to not playing much anymore. When you purchase this account the email will be deleted, and you will get full details on the account (recoverys, creation details etc etc) I recently just bought the account membership yesterday thinking I would use this account, but I was wrong so you will get a free month of membership. What you see in the inventory picture is what you get (the account does have the ability to use the anchor I just lost it and didn't get it back) A/w will be 80m RSGP or 65$ PayPal I do not and will not go first unless you are extremly trusted member, either you can go first or pay the MM fees. I know i'm new here, but I do have a vouch page: sythe/showthread.php?p=9424946#post9424946 If you are interested please post here or pm me and I will add you on if you want Current offer:.[Paypal] Pure |99 Mage|91 Ranged|95 Strength|[PayPal]A/W is 60$ will accept Paypal, or RSGP / 0.6$ ea, u calculate. : [email protected] and [email protected] I RECCOMEND TO ADD BOTH ! STR is 95 in 30k Xp !Selling lvl 98 acc, 93 str! 95 mage! 75 attack!selling an account with 93 str, 47 def, 95 mage, 81 range, 52 prayer, and 75 att, and the majority of the other stats are 40+! selling cause im quitting rs! my email/ is: [email protected] message me if your interested!Cheap level 60 pure / skiller with 3m+selling a cheap pure with high stats and skills, and one part left of desert treasure. s1112.photobucket/albums/...scapestats.png[W.U]selling my rune pure 86+6 combat [W.U]hey guys, i've worked long and hard on this account buuut i've been very inactive and i'm often tempted to start playing again. but between having a 2 year old daughter and a full time job it's time to let it go, i'd like to get $50 usd via western union, but i'm also open to taking offers.. i'm going to want to speak over the phone to ensure the trade goes well and smoothly, and to avoid being tricked or manipulated by some kid in a chat box. as you can see its not a stripped down scammer account, its just an account that i lost interest in playing and i'm just looking to get some extra gas money for it honestly. i havent played in about 4 months and that's really it. you can contact me through facebook, my name is payne aderholt. or you can call me at 727 623 7645. im hoping for a honest mature and clean trade. ok so all my screen shots are up, please contact me if interested Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with me and my daughter, her name is Fraya :) Uploaded with[RSGP] `Claw rusher | 82 str | 65 Dung` 20M A/WHi guys, this account is 100% legit (4years+) except for the botted dungeoneering skill. A/w: 20M - RSGP Only Going first to trusted persons. Stats: 60 Attack, 82 strength, 66 DUNG. 67Combat ADD: [email protected] for more information. 1. Information ( first recovery questions, internet provider, creation date) will be provided upon purchase. 2. Selling this account due to the failed '3' defence that was leveld up during dungeoneering. Quote: Originally Posted by kmjt Vouch. Bought 45m from me.. thanks again. Quote: Originally Posted by king tijn 2 Vouch for aurawelkill, sold him 300M thanks. Quote: Originally Posted by KerokeroCola Vouch for aura. He went first in buying my pure for $75 via Paypal. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the account! Quote: Originally Posted by The Five of Jokers Big vouch for aurawelkill. Sold him 50m, he went first. Trade went smoothly . Quote: Originally Posted by RS Trade RS Big vouch for "aurawelkill" borrowed my maxed staker. Would lend to him again. Great customer! Quote: Originally Posted by king tijn 2 Another Vouch for aurawelkill, sold him another 70M and a firecape. Went great! Vouch link: sythe/showthread.php?t=108246099 def pure 78 att 40 str good for boxing~!~ [selling for rsgp only!]Only 78 combat!!! : [email protected] please feel free to post here or add me directly we will use mm if you wont go first autowin: 40m rsgp there are no recovs this account has a farseer shield which needs 80 dung which it has i screwed up and didnt get chaotic. f me lol. great for boxing will send some pics of wins if u want blocked out two stats as alot of people do to not get banned pm for them their lower thn 20 though. account stats pic: whats you get all info that can recover will subject to a recovery test if need beselling unquested pure. good stats. must lookA/W:$50/100m : [email protected] : jack.walkley vouches also in sig
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