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    [Rsgp] Maxed 50 attack pure 99 mining 21m bank [RSGP]Sold!!![RSGP] Selling amazing tank staker 99 ranged 94 mage 92 hp 98 combat 82 def CHEAP..... close please.......[RSGP]Selling level 69 with 98 rangedlets start off by saying...MM or OMM will be used now for pics: is cleaned.Buying Good F2p Pure [Swaps]Welcome! I am looking to buy a good f2p pure as I can no longer afford membership. I would be willing to swap for my p2p pure. I'll post pics a.s.a.p You go first unless more trusted. Stats on my account: 60 attack, 78 strength, 63 Hp, 70 range, 43 prayer, 82 mage, 99 Hunter! Account has completed DT and MM, none of RFD. Looking for stats: 40 attack, 80 strength, 70 range, 31 prayer, 85 mage. (Please note this are minimums. 31 prayer is not #, less not more.) Thanks!SELLING maxed 40 defence 7 99's almost 99 rc RSGP ONLYhey guys selling my maxed out 40 defence pure im the original owner had it for years and has had alot of effort put into it, ill be selling it for rsgp only, it has firecape as well Uploaded with there it is in all its beauty haha. ive been on sythe for quite a while i have had 2 accounts recovered from me that i bought totaling 450mil and i have bought gold from many many sellers and can get vouches if needed (dont really seem usefull) i will not be going first and an OMM can be used at your expense. auto win is 150mil and i wont be taking offers under 80m seriously. things you should know: defence is fully quested. has dragon gloves. never had a black mark or anything (can show you if you need) has access to crystal shield also completed rune mysteries to colour clothes. bumps appreciated haha[RSGP]Selling Lv 68 starter tank w/ good skillsHey I'm selling this tank because I'm looking to get some rsgp for my pure. I'd like to use an OMM(you pay fees) or you go first. Open to RSGP only so offer away!! is in sig ~THE ACCOUNT HAS NO GOLD IN THE BANK NOW~Selling almost maxed 60 attck level 91 zerker!!!!!!!!! check it out.okay im looking for rsgp< or a swap for a good pure the pure must have> 50-70 attck 90-99 str 1 def 94 mage 80+ range fully quested. will not even consider an offer under 50m rsgp.< and am willing to do 50/50 or use mm omm at ur expense. or you go first.[Paypal] selling 85 combat with 99 str 20 def, 93 mage pure - GamerluckHey, everyone, this is claire britney from gamerluck, i used to work for usfine, now i m left usfine and start to run own business with some ex workers. for celebration of opening of gamerluck, i m selling this awesome pure account cheaply. this pure trained by our own gamer, (not purchased from people, so you would not worry about account recovery, and it comes with full creation details, it has recovery set, email registered, but dont' worry, if you need we can delete them and you can set your own information) if you want to buy this account, get on the live chat to get the quote, we will offer lowest price to you as much as we can... Here is new screenshot i took it 5 minutes ago
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