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    [rsgp 10/15m] selling good pure needs little more work owns atm[rsgp 10/15m]selling my pure, im kinda bored of it now. needs a few quests doing and the stats rounding off im looking for arround 10-15for this account please post offers and add me on : [email protected] i do not go first, i am trusted. check profile for vouches =Dboxer stakerhey folks im sellin this 67 combat boxer pure for gp,or paypal only. Im making another pure but this one ownz for box staking OFFICIAL MM OR YOU FIRST dont bother adding me if your going to argue [email protected] 63 pure 60att 69strIts been a non-member for ever and had no recoveries or pin or email, so completly safe, look him up on highscores on: pur3r_4_eva It has the following stats: Att: 60 Str: 69 Def: 1 HP: 62 Range: 53 Mage: 46 RC: 64 Mining: 40 Cooking: 65 Fishing: 55 FM: 52 WC: 74 Prayer: 31 --the rest are 1's because of members status etc...-- Im sellling it for RS cash, or via paypal, please post offers, or me on: [email protected] Thanks fot you time!Buying 30 Def Turmoil Pure 70M [RSGP]Title says it all. If you have an offer, please PM me your . Btw, I will only use a MM or OMM which we split fees. No 50/50 or whatever.Looking for pures. (RSGP)Hey there, Im looking for pures, they must have all the pure quests, Monkey Madness, Desert treusre etc. must be 60+ combat. Must have: 70+range 70+ strength 50+ attack. thanks im offering RSGP.[RSGP] Buying all good puresHelllo post pictures of your accounts!!! Nothing common, goodluck.Selling 99 str Rune Pure (VENG+ANC)I am the original owner, willing to do a recovery test. I can switch the email to yours, and provide every single detail. I've moved on from runescape to League of Legends and want some riot points. The defense is quested, DT and lunars is done. The Autowin is 25 Dollar Paypal!!!. Post offers. Pm me here. I'll add your .Level 69cb with 60atk 81strclick on the links below to see the stats and items..I will post my info below so that you can get ahold of me if you are interested in the account. looking for rsgp and i bet you its not as much as you would think verry cheap...just leave a message with offer or questions copy and paste links if not availble for you to just click on... info: I am willing to take the best offer within 24 hours
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