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    Selling F2p Zerker Pure!! Gravite 2h!this is going to be my 4th account im selling. no set a/w so start bidding. heres the deal. if u don't wanna trust me, you buy the omm. IM NOT DEALING WITH ANY SCAMMERS! i do not go first, so pay for omm if u dont trust me i1216.photobucket/albums/...ZerkerSale.jpgLevel 135 Main || 2B Wealth || GiveAwayHey guys, I've quit runescape and moved onto programming my own private server. It's a really fun aspect in life to be learning computing. I'm going to design my own base and move on from their, i don't want any distractions so i'm giving away my runescape account. I feel it has no worth since its a virtual item made from code, it's not worth the time and money you earned in real life. Here are the requirements for winning the account: 1. Since i need new players on my server please vote here: rune-server/top.php?act=detail&sid=4219 2. Post here saying you voted, and post a reason why you wan't this account (You must take a screenshot of it saying ALREADY VOTED) If you have not voted your post will be automatically ignored I will be selecting the winner at 10 pm EST today!. Pm me on this site if you have any questions! Good luck to all!Starting Staker/Dragon Killerall accounts are now found in my account market thread. requested lock.~60 combat 97 agility 82 ranged mauler,with zam book full~I will be willing to go first if your trusted or use a mm at your cost, im looking for around 20-30m, as this account is worth that due to the agility and the zam book in general is 20m monkey madness done, animal magm done. can teamview or show ingame ALSO has an amazing name, 0 offenses. [email protected] or message me herelooking for maxed or nearly maxed purelooking for a maxed or nealy maxed pure i will be swapping a lvl 136 with turmoil maxed melee ext email or pm me [email protected] Starter Zerker! Membership!30M CHEAP MEMBERSHIP TILL THE 6TH OF AUGUST. Pictures: 7M IN BANK 81 COMBAT AND 46 DEFENCE DT and Monkey Madness done ALSO SWAPING FOR A WOW EU ACCOUNT Membership ends on 6th of august 30M A/W ADD MY : [email protected]©®robi69's ACCOUNT SHOP©®115+ ACCOUNTS SOLD©®HIGHLY TRUSTED SELLER©®: [email protected] Feedbacks: spowerbot/community/ Vouch thread: spowerbot/community/t...1#entry3113894 Accounts: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Feedbacks: spowerbot/community/ Vouch thread: spowerbot/community/t...1#entry3113894 : [email protected] Beast Pure - DT and MM done ! 1 DEF !I am willing to go first to trusted members, and I am only accepting Paypal! Possibly GP depending on the amount given upon. Most pure quests completed : [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.