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    Almost Maxed Pureok before i start im off to university in a couple of months due to work and social reasons i dont play anymore just not interested in the game. Stats : Proof of Ownership (willing to meet in game): selling my pure : 2 defence 99 str 99 range 80 attack 96 hp 85 mage 26 prayer 1 summoning 83 theiving any other stats are mostly low any information needed i can be contacted on my : [email protected] or : cj_jujitsu_9 emails are replied to. i will be excepting paypal gift only no swaps gp or trades as i dont play the game feel free to add me and ask questions i will not specify an amount you simply offer i will then discuss from there YOU GO FIRST or pay for an OMM no MM OMM only sorry account is not especially rich however doesnt have an empty bank so it is possible to make or trade cash onto the account 4mil bank ANY questions please contact me through email or will reply to sythe pm's when i get the time and will be checking thread ocassionallySelling Level 83.Yeah im selling level 83 with really random stats Offers please. i52.tinypic/15nkryq.jpg Charector Name is Lazy Vaan Cheers x2 beastly accs for 8m! must look!Title says it all people. 8m for 2 accs worth at least 15m. acc 2 has dt finished. :[email protected] Acc 1: Acc 2[Rsgp]-lvl 69 pure/skillsLooking for around 15-25m or best offer. add me on or post: [email protected] my main 134 (rsc veteran) for a decent pure ( 1 2)Pure must have: Magic: 85-99 Range: 70-99 Str: 75-99 Pray: 1-52 Def: 1-45 (all def must be quested) Att: 60-75 And mm + dt done Some wealth value would be appreciated as well. If you are trustworthy, I will go first, if not, im not having a 5th account scam for me, sorry, it's not happening, I'd like to do business here, if you don't want to, then get off this thread, simple as that. Now, as far as my main goes, here he is, the recoveries are being deleted as I am posting this thread, I'll update log-in screen when changed. His wealth is maybe 10m, hes got some brawlers on him (useful ones like range/smith), some overloads and extremes, and 5m cash, it's not really worth a pic though, I'll show the cash though, rest is items. Rsn is Mr Ganjahead, check em out if you'd like. This guy has 287 questpoints and curses as well. I'll be on him accumulating more money as the day goes on, so... I am the original owner of the account, I can and will supply every bit of info I can possibly remember (there were like 20+ passwords used, I'll give the ones I can remember) This guy was made in 2003 so whoever wants that 10 year cape thats coming out, you'll have it in no time, please! enjoy Log-in: Stats + some wealth: Update: Recoveries are successfully removed due to a way I know Update: Forgot to mention the acc has nearly 2k blue charms (1944) with overall charms equaling 88+ summoningSelling 65 combat 60 attack pure MM done -- RSGPI'm selling a level 65 60 attack pure. It has no recoveries and I am deleting the email. It has membership for several more months. Offer for this account.[SWAP/RSGP] Amazing boxer - Pro staker [SWAP/RSGP]Hello people. Here im selling another of my accounts, I m actually bored of staking, made enough money off it so i decided to sell my personal boxing account. A/w: Not set We use a MM or either you go first. I dont mind going first if your trusted. The account has an email registered which i cant remember it. I will keep trying to take it off tomorrow. Has no recovers. MY EMAIL: [email protected][PayPal]Selling Zerker Pure w/ Firecape/Torso/99 Strength/94 Magic[Trusted]Hi Tony, what are you selling today? Today I'm selling a Zerker pure, with several good items, stats, and quests. Such as? Well it has firecape, over 2m bank, loads of charms, several rune defenders, 1 dragon defender, several rune gloves. It has 99 strength, 94 magic, 72 ranged, 89 constitution, 83 fishing, 70 cooking, and 61 crafting/mining. It has also completed quests like dragon slayer, lost city, lunar diplomacy, fremmy trials, animal magnetism, monkey madness, nature spirit, and any other quest completed is in the picture. Sounds great, how much and how can I pay? I have no price in mind, and I'd like to see what offers i get. I only accept PayPal via gift, and absolutely no swaps. Any posts regarding swaps will be immediately reported. Also I DON'T trade with newcomers, and i have a right to deny any buyers. If you are interested, pm me or add my : [email protected] Ooh, nice! Can I see some pictures? Sure, I'll post a picture now, also everything is included in the picture. Also there is no recoveries/email registered, Runescape is down and I can't take a picture of it. General Information
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