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    [RSGP] Gravite pure 71dung G2h + Grapier [CLICK]Hello people, I try to sell this Gravite pure. The defence is not my fault it is the fault from the original owner cane191 i bought the account from him he can confirm this, if u buy the account he can help u also recover it if u want. Some screenshots: The login: The offence history: The combat level: The stats: The G2H & Grapier: ( U need to know how to switch from Grapier to G2h or it attack with Defence then u lvl ur defence so just look out i can teach you how it works if u want. ) But still it is a good staker it can hit 200+ so far i know. It is ur choice to hold 6 defence or getting 10 defence. S/B ?? A/W ?? ( Some fun @ Duel arena ) A little 200+ hit[RSGP] Selling level 57 G maul pure (99 Fm,82 magic))Hey guys just selling this awesome pure, hardly any quests have been done just the gnome ones.Buying Pures [PayPal]The following is a must so don't bother posting anything unless you meet the following rules & requirements + I will only be buying off trusted players (Don't worry i'll be checking up) + I will most definitely be using a MM unless you want to go first + 1 Prayer, 1 Defence, 1 Summoning a MUST! + I am willing to spend $5-$50 + No recoveries, E-mail or any black marks will be tollerated Please post pics below. ThanksSelling Obby Mauler Cheap cb 39!A/W 10m Pretty low price him him,well but its worth,he's a good pure =) OR YOU GO FIRST OR NO TRADE. i also accept 5$ paypal,only if your truste dmemeber with 50+vouches and if i think ur trusted i'm going first,and even if you are u are,maybe your still going first He's a good headstart for a tank.[Cheap] Selling Obby Pure|92 Strength|45Combat|Tier 4 duelCap [RSGP] ( 1 2)Sold!spending... for a purespending 5m plus a swap with an 81 ranger..[RSGP] Beginner Zerker |84 Mining|38 Def|[RSGP]Hey guys, Im selling my starter zerker pure, i dont need it, i have a main so i dont play on it at all anymore. I will provide all information. A/w: 5m Thanks and post offers below(RsGp) (Paypal) Deadly's Obby Maulers (Paypal) (RsGp)I'm selling a few obby maulers for RsGp and PayPal. I'm not going first to anyone that has less then 20 vouches, if you want to use a MM we can get a free, trusted one from the middle manning section. My is: [email protected] A/W: 10m RsGp. Why buy an obby mauler? Obby maulers are one of the best pures to pk with. They hit very high and there's always people to fight. You also make quite a decent profit off pking with them because people that usually own obby maulers are rich and like to dress up their character and get max strength bonus. Obby Mauler 50+ vouches: :///showthread.php?t=1289575
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