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    Selling 77 range pure [rsgp]Im selling my range pure i have no pics but im willing to go first to trusted members pm me if interested im not looking for much thanksLevel 45 Skiller With Some Combat..Message me on here or on . [email protected] Taking best offer. Stats are: Attack:40 Strength:40 Defense:25 Range:2 Prayer:34 Magic:50 Runecrafting:43 Dungeoneering:27 Constitution:37 Mining:51 Smithing:34 Fishing:77 Cooking:32 Firemaking:52 Woodcutting:84 Please message me!!! Thank you.[RSGP]Level 5 skiller with 3x 99 ( 1 2)Selling my old skiller. Here is the login: Here is the stats: Here is the blackmarks i think: IM looking for atleast 50M for this account, i feel it is worth that, but i am also open for offers because this has to go. My is [email protected] I will go first if you have a decent ammount of vouches, or we can use a MM at your expense.Lv 55 Range Pure/RSGP/Hey guys, here to sell my range pure, got cleaned at the duel arena by someone using a bug and need to help the good ol' cash pile. There is no A/W A OMM will be used, fees can be discussed. My : [email protected] This is a range pure, the pictures speak for themselves Pm me with any questions. Happy bidding![RSGP] [CHEAP] Selling starter obby maulerBid away!Account Sale check it out ( 1 2)Selling some old accounts I have not used in years. Seriously the first acc had a last log in of over 1k days rofl, its a double spaced login/display name (P--K-Y-O-U) (matches).second one is a little newb I was going to make into a corrupt pure but changed my mind. it's an email log in and these accs don't have emails/recovs also the last acc is members until the 17th. post offers I'm not looking for much I know these are nothing special. has kind of a cool name (icorrupter) keep in mind i'm not asking much so throw up an offer, I could care less about these accounts. Uploaded with Uploaded with THIS IS A LOG FROM PKYOU WHEN I RECOVERED IT ABOUT A MONTH OR TWO AGO - HAVENT USED SINCE. ONLY PENDING BECAUSE THEY NEED AN EMAIL TO RECOVER THE ACCOUNT. Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with random acc made with name inspired by kunta kinte from roots lmao original log in not email matches display Uploaded with another random acc i recovered from years ago original log in/user about 50 qps has some rfd done and mmQuickky's accounts shop! All kinds of accounts for under 20M!Contact me on at: [email protected] Level 96+7 Main with great stats 20M :///showthread.php?t=1316268 40 att F2P starter pure! 7M! :///showthread.php?t=1316258 39CB Corrupt pure! (NO RECOVS/EMAIL) 7M :///showthread.php?t=1316260 Blank Level 3 With NON EMAIL LOGIN (NO RECOVS/EMAIL) 2M! :///showthread.php?t=1316261 5CB Def Pure/ Skiller! (5M A/W) Rare username! :///showthread.php?t=1316265Selling Blank Level 3 With NON EMAIL LOGIN (NO RECOVS/EMAIL) 2M A/WTitle says it all Contact me on at: [email protected] Pics:
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