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    RsAccountMarket Account shoptrading these accs a/w 90M for both i dont use a middle man i dont go first acc 1: skiller/staker a/w 30m! It has a rare name acc 2: main/staker/hybrid - 3 letter name a/w 70Mselling combat 88 pure worth lookin' rsgp/pphey guys this is what im selling this is a zerker worth having, has torso =] and def is quested. bank stats login has most important quest's done, like monkey madness desert treasure, lunar diplomacy and rfd to mithril gloves. im looking for rsgp or pp a/w is 100m or $150 U.S lets start bidding at 40m and $40. enjoy oh and my is [email protected] add me if you want to disscuss, post here before thinking about adding me.[CHEAP] 79 GS Pure 75Att/90Str/94Mage/85Mine [STAKER/PKER/TRUSTED]Hi, im looking to sell this acc for RSGP, also accepting swaps(trusted ppl only). This account is an amazing pker i destroy all pures my lvl. amazing mage AND meele staker for its cb. Has DT done and mith gloves Jarvard's Vouches Add [email protected] amazing staker 60att 90str 1def/pray/summon done MM!!Selling this amazing staker. MM and lost city done! Buyer goes first or use OMM(buyer pay fees)! : [email protected] im looking for about 50m rsgp or 50$ trought PayPal! e-mail will be removed. stats:[rsgp]Level 80 Whipper [Barrage/Fire Cape/1 Def]--[rsgp]Okay simple, Looking rsgp for this there is no auto win! 80+ Vouches or OMM All old pass's etc comes with this account There is about 500k total in bank in pots etc 1 month membership [email protected] Also, clean sheet never got reported etc.[PayPal] Sell very old acc [rsgp]Sell very old acc Price is 10$ paypal 9m RSGP, or 1 legal pin acc I know i'm not trusted, so i will go first for trusted members, or we will use mm. : [email protected] RS PURE. (RSGP) ( 1 2)I'm looking for an account close to: IT HAS TO BE A PURE (1-2 DEF!!). 65-75 combat 1-60 attack 65-99hp 70-99 strength 70-99 range 85-94 magic QUESTS THAT HAVE TO BE COMPLETED: Desert Treasure Monkey Madness Lost city maybe mithrill/addy gloves come in handy too. I can offer up to 100M rs cashSelling starter zerker level 75 [RSGP] A/W 20mOne of the notable stats are 93 woodcutting. It has 60 attack which was quested so you won't get 61 by doing quests that are needed for rfd. It has 109 quest points so not much more quests until the requirement for b gloves. It has 42 def and it will NOT be 46 by the time all rfd quests are done, (Calculated so I know for sure) It has full void (All helms) It has monkey madness done and a bit of the rfd quests done. It has no recoveries. It has membership until April 6. It has an email adress registered but I will help you change it to your email adress by approving the email jagex sends me to change it. Here are the pics. Stats: Quests: Void: Login Info: Looking for RSGP offers maybe around 10-20M I will use an MM or if you're trusted I will go first. All information to recover will be given to you if you decide to buy. A/W 20m My is [email protected]
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