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    [RSGP] Selling PRO LVL 86 Staker | 80ATT | 70STR | 75DEF | 75HP | 1 PRAY/SUM [RSGP]I totally forgot to add 80 dungeoneering to the title, but he does. I'm not sure if it's possible for a mod to change. But if they could change it to: [RSGP] Selling PRO LVL 86 Staker | 80ATT | 70STR | 75DEF | 75HP | 1 PRAY/SUM | 80DUNG | [RSGP] Thanks, sorry for the mistake. That's right guys, I'm selling a PRO level 86 staking pure for RSGP! He has no blackmarks, and he's totally security free! As you can see, he also still has membership. That's a nice little bonus to go with the staking account, but it wont last for ever, so post away some offers. I will let trusted go first, otherwise we can use an mm or omm. Thanks guys.Starter quested rune pure for sale.up for sale is my starter rune pure that has all def quested so far is quite good at the moment alot of work and quests done bit of autofighting etc would make the account really ownage. Taking swaps but really looking for paypal. ThanksSelling Staker [10Bil+ made] 90Hp and Strength.Info about the account - No recoveries - No email registered - No black marks - No bankpin - I will go first to trusted members else we use Omm. Pictures Some of my stakes on it[RSGP] Selling lvl65 pure 86rng/85mge/79strAs title says, only accepting rsgp and i wont go first (vouches in sig) a/w 20m rsgp!! pics: Post your offers here[RSGP]selling lvl 81 quested near maxed 1def pure 99 str]Hey guys im selling my pure i've played it for years and it's 100% legitly trained i made it in 2007 and it is my longest played rs account ever i am wanting rsgp as i am going to create a rich dice gamer , it has done every pure quest imaginable with adamant gloves,climbing boots,d scimmy, ancient magics, crystal bow. Has done d.t, mm, RFD(addy gloves),roving elves I am the original owner. Auto win 80m starting bid 50m happy bidding guys this is my best rs account i've ever made STATS CombatSelling Pro level 63 Staker with gear!Made this a while ago but have no time to stake with my Barbarian Assault service and things irl. The email and recovery questions are still on as Recovery System has changed so I'm unsure how to change this, assistance with this would be appreciated. Paypal or RSGP is fine, not looking for a love you load for this account but definitely more then 5mil/$5Bunny ears~Account shop~Accepting mainly rsgp, paypal is accepted as well. Will go first to trusted members, Must be highly trusted as these do not have recovery questions and not a single black mark. Will only accept swaps to trusted members; but again ~ mainly only looking for rsgp or paypal unless your swap is a good offer ( and your trusted ) P.S. Tragik is my Near reality name and Valentine is my Powerbot name Do not worry about names being shown on the pictures, jagex cannot prove these are my accounts and therefore will not ban them because they see an account's name being sold in a market section. Doubt they are looking at this thread and if they are as I said before. I can prove they my accounts but they cannot prove they are my accounts P.S. Tragik is my Near reality name and Valentine is my Powerbot name Accepting rsgp and paypalSelling level 80 pure//paypalSelling through Paypal $40 Stats:90 strength 82 attack 1 def...80 some magic. I know he has some money and is pk Ready. Couldn't load RS to take any stat pics, haven't played RS is a long while. Will use middle man, account has no recoveries, no offenses, anything else you would like to know just ask. my email is [email protected] Thanks Uploaded with
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