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    [paypal][rsgp] 99 Strength - 99 Mage - 94 Mining- 1500+ - ZerkSelling this amazing zerk. Pictures should tell everything. I will sell with or without the mills. The skill total means that you can go on the 1500+ world, great for training because there's very few people on that world. AND IT STILL HAS 20 DAYS OF MEMBERS LEFT (from day of posting). ATTACK IS NOW 92! I will also consider swaps for 1 defense pures only. Do not offer me any other type of swap. Vouches and are in my sig. I will only go first to those I feel are trustworthy. I will only except PayPal from those that I feel are trustworthy or if you wait for money to clear. I am completely fine with using a trusted MM or OMM. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE ABOVE, DO NOT BOTHER CONTACTING ME. A/W=$125Selling Nice 60 Attack Pure ( 1 2)RSGP ONLY! Sorry for not putting that in the initial post. MM Done. DT Done. Horror From The Deep Done. Priest In Peril Done. Combat Level is 70. Yes, has 2 def. But won't matter too much. Can always make it a starter black, initiate, zerker, whatever you want. Hasn't done RFD, BUT AS A RESULT! I'M NOT ASKING MUCH! Stats: Quests: Login: Warn/Ban/Mute: Current Offer: 10m Auto Win: 20m[SWAP] Lvl 98 Maxed Korasi Prod | VENG + DT | 10M BANK | 99 STR 99 RANGE 97 MAGE >>>RULES & INFO - I will not go first unless you have 15+ vouches. - I will use a middle man. - Looking for a lvl 60 to 75 pure with 90+ strength and mage/range - Please post offer as well as your . - I have all creation details as I'm the original owner - My account now has 93hp, not 92. Email - [email protected] PICTURE Level 60 Pure Good Stats Dt done Mith gloves Full book!!Hey guys, This account has Dt done,Full guthix book and an empty sara book,mith gloves,and camel mask We will either use a mm or u can go 1st or i will go 1st if your trusted. I will be removing recoviers and email when i get a good offer. No Money and im the original owner Paypal only. A/W:$45 SO HAPPY BIDDINGSelling level 70 1 def pure RSGP LOOK!!!PAYPAL IS NOW AVALIABLE! $35 ***[email protected]*** is my and im usually available. 30M. You go first, I don't care how many vouches you have unless you have 100+vouches. I've been through 2 trades and I went first on both of those. I don't trust generally trust people. I'm selling my pure because I hate pures. I thought it was gonna be getting back into it. But unfortunately I did not recently. I got it more mage, more hunter. You know, dat good love you. You can see the stats have changed since then if you look at my prev threads. . I have mm done, mith gloves not addy, dt done, sara guthix and zammy(zammy isnt filled) books It doesn't have an email registered anymore. I'm trying to get rid of the recoveries now. If you don't feel comfortable, you may purchase a OMM at your own expense. I will be cleaning the bank as well because im very poor lol. I feel as if this pure is really worth the money. it also has around 28 days left as of march 19th 2011. Zammy is the only book not filled. This doesn't include the new shitty books.[RSGP] - 99 Mining, 91 Fishing, 90 Cooking - Zerker Starter.Hey, Trying to get rid of my account, Never botted, Ive had it for over 2 years. Haven't played in this account since staking has come back and looking for some cash to stake. Combat 73 F2P: Here are some photo's: My Killer Outfit: Login Screen: No Bank Pin. A Little bit of bank, as you can see there is some PVP armour up top. Looks so nice when wearing as an outfit. And finally my stats: Was originally a skiller, But started to train my combat stats. There are also 0 black marks. I will not go first, You will go first or pay for OMM.Level 98 zerk [78atk/99str/45def/99range/97mage]-[Korasi/lunar/Dt/rune gloves]Nfs now.99 Ranged tank (paypal)closed
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