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    [RSGP]Selling 77+7|95 Str/Range|1 Def|61 Att|94 Mage|F Cape|Full Quested|Hello Sythe, I am here to sell my beautiful pure that I have worked on for quite some time because my friends are all low levels and I need money to fund my new account. I have all the info including the registered e-mail, the recovery answers, bank pin, and password. Although on one of my offenses it says account sharing, I AM THE ONE AND ONLY OWNER of this account. You will see the stats but the account is fully quested (DT, HFD, MM, etc.) and has a fire cape, and RFD quested up to addy gloves. I'll set the A/W to 80m just to have one. Unless you have 20+ feedback, I will not go first (Yes I know I have no feedback) I have been scammed too many times and I will not make the mistake again.Selling level 85+5 Rune Pure 99mage DT LD done,Fire Cape, Full Slayer Helmet 50M++ PPYep im selling my Pride and Joy(pfft aint no join in gtn pjed for 5m all ******* day ay?) Anyways straight to the point il be selling this account for Paypal only no swaps i intend to quit runescape if my account goes for a desnt amount of cash! I will only be trading with trusted people with a set amount of vouchs that i will keep in mind. Runescape has changed tomuch for me now Quest done like lunar diplomacy= lunar spell book Desert treasure = ancient spell book. Also if your from new zealand id rather a direct bank transfer My [email protected] Pictures as follow: Bank Worth: Stats and House Login Extra pic FIRECAPE Vouchs: Quote: Originally Posted by C R Y P T I C Vouch to b 4 r 4 g 3 z thought he was a scammer at first,but he went first and trade went wel,thx W = 150M 99 STR! ~1400 CASTLE WARS TICKETS ( NOT EASY L0L) 84 RC- 95000 FIST OF GUTHIX RATING(HECTIC). LVL 5 IN ALL SKILLS BARBARIAN ASSUALT- RUNE DEFENDER - MANY QUESTS DONE (177 QP) -13K TILL 93 HP--FULL VOID (RANGE) - 5-10M BANK-- FIGHTER TORSO - THREE FULL GOD BOOKS. Uploaded with INFORMATION ABOUT THE ACCOUNTS WILL BE PROVIDED AND RECOVS CAN BE DELETED IF YOU WISH...FEEL FREE TO USE MM IN ANY TRADE AND OMM AT YOUR COST. Account # 6 SOLD!!! Level 15 Combat 99 Prayer! __________________________________________________ _________ Account # 7 SOLD!!! IRL FRIEND FOR 80$ 116 BARROWS PURE- 99 STR - VOID - 94 MAGIC - QUESTED sythe/showthread.php?p=9023750#post9023750 __________________________________________________ _________ MORE KILLER ACCOUNTS TO COME ... STAY TUNED AND START BIDDING!Selling Turmoil Zerk - 107+7CB - 5X 99's - Nearly MaxedFully Quested[NOTE to Mod/Admin] Can you please move this to Pures 100+. I accidentally put it in the wrong section. Thanks! :B Hey guys. Plain and simple, I'd like to see what I can get for this account. I WILL NOT be taking any form of Paypal. I'm just getting that out of the way before I even describe what I'm looking for. What I WILL Take - WU RSGP Wont Take - Swaps, at all, ever. PP - No. There is no A/w. At all. If I see an offer I like, I'll take it. Simple as that. Add my For more details - [email protected] The account's a PKers dream. It's nearly maxed, has turmoil, is fully quested, etc. The account HAS a set email, and has no recoveries at all. The bank is shot. There is basically nothing on it, I have taken everything off. The account comes with random junk and nothing of any substantial value. Highlights - B Gloves. Ancients. Lunars Turmoil Obvious Quests - Lost City, MM, Etc. 5X 99's - Strength, Ranged, HP, RC, Hunter. 95 Prayer, 94 Magic, 86 Attack, 45 Def, 93 Mining. Is in the Top 1.6K of RC'ers.[PayPal]Level 71 Pure |Chaotic Crossbow| 94 Magic | Addy Gloves | 99 Hunter ( 1 2)Selling my level 71 pure for PayPal. I am not going first, you will or we will use a MM at your expense. Post offers//anything else I need to know below. I will remove emails but not the recoveries since of the new update Jagex has created. I will provide the buyer with the oldest recoveries set upon purchase of the account A/W: $100115+9 70M|FC|4x99's|LEGIT|RFD|99DUNG|99HERB|Payment and rules -I am selling this account for RSGP AND PAYPAL only. -Autowin is 150m or 100$ . Also accepting rares such as Santa hats, edibles, H'ween masks, etc. Willing to also sell for less than the a/w -I will NOT go first . You go first otherwise we can use a mm you pay fees. -Post here or add my : [email protected] This account has no emails or recovs, and has a classic cape and the ability to play on runescape classic. It comes with 3 chaotics, firecape, 70m in cash and items, filled zammy book, veng, barrage, barrows gloves, bonecrusher, 8000+ extremes and many more. GL bidding. Pictures below. Recovs: Items and Cash: Stats: Quests and other items:Level 96 main / WoodcutterI am tradeing or selling my account and I am looking for either RSGP/ PAYPAL/ or good pure accounts.[RSGP] Selling level 89 main with!I am open to any offers that I feel to be reasonable. Only looking to sell for RSGP. Has several other old holiday items aside from the sythe. Items: Skills: Login: Blackmarks:
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