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    Amazing Staker(rsgp)Selling amazing staker with rapier. Blackmarks:0 Recoveries: no Email: set(will remove) Pin: no Interested only in rsgp. : [email protected] WILL ONLY GO FIRST TO MORE TRUSTED PERSON THAN ME.Sell good zerker.Recoveries: no Blackmarks: no Email: no Pin: no Combat: 97f2p/106 p2p Barrow gloves Arcane stream necklace 83 dungeoneering 180+quests done. temple at sensitten(turmoil quest) done. Interested in rsgp. : [email protected] WILL ONLY GO FIRST TO MORE TRUSTED PERSON THAN ME.Selling Range Tank [pro][rsgp/bank Transfer]Selling a level 97+7 Range tank. Stats: -93 Range -94 Mage -99 Def !! -99 Hunter - 20M exp? Perfect PKer, nobody the same level can match the stats! RSGP or BANK TRANSFER OFFERS HERE OR at [email protected] Scammers: try your hardest, it will only backfire...Trust meSelling an amazing staker with chaotic wep ( 1 2)Ok i made this staker solely for the purpose of selling it it has an email login and ill be giving you full access to the email when you buy the account the account has 80 dung, but all the tokens form it are saved up (207k) and you can use them to buy whatever chaotic you like (rapier, or cls, maul not recommended for staking :p) I have all the info for the account that i will be giving you, it has never been made mems so it makes the account even safer more then willing to do a recovery test and use an omm as long as you can cover fees i want to sell this fast so the best offer i get in 3 days takes it home let me set the starting bid at 10m here are some pics: bank: combat: stats and tokens: cheers p.s. i know im new here and this is like my second post :p so i dont expect you to go first, if you are trusted ill glady go first, if not then we can use an omm thanksawsome hybridHey there, im not really experienced on sythe, cuz came from powerbot. Im willing to sell this pure for around 20m-25m. I'm not going first, Dw we will use mm/omm at your expense zammy book unfilled, mm and dt done. Buyer will be provided with new recovery questions & subscription info etc. For 7.5m extra i give you a soulwars auth code+ Autofighter which might be handy [email protected] Obby Mauler with 1 Attack and 82 Strength! Must Look!Info - No Blackmarks - No Email Registered - No Recovery Questions - No Bankpin PicturesSelling Pure with 97 Ranged, 96 Magic and 89 Strength. MUST LOOK!Info - No Blackmarks - No Email Registered - No Recovery Questions - No Bankpin Pictures[RSGP] Selling lvl 94 barrows pure 99 range! [RSGP]99 range, 88 hp, 80 cooking Selling this account for at least 10m or best offer, plz add me on or post here if interested Combat-94, 99 with summoning
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