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    account marker.Hello and welcome to my thread. This thread will contain various account that i want to get rid off Ill not go first unless "YOu" the buyer pay for a mm. If you want any of the account please post the number in the order they are and tell me how much you would like for it. 1# has rapier great for pking and has almost all skilling skill 80+, has done mm.. 2# currently training it right now its a pure meeler 70 as of now just lvl`ed 3# has the potential of becoming a nice main or can be turn into a pure of your desire. 4# this one took me the longest to get 80 dung still havent spended the tokens its a tank has nice stats and can be turn into a staker of ur desire. Rules:you may post here or inbox me remember we can get to a deal if i like what im hearing, also none of these has email recoveries ect. had never change the pass to neither of them as im the original owner. Lets the bid Start.[Selling] Level 64 Tank, 82 Range, 40 Defence - RSGP.Title says all ^.^ Selling this tank as I don't have any time to work on as I'm gonna finish my Turmoil Zerk, I decided to sell ^.^ Login Stats Quests Bank Combat Level BlackmarksSelling Chaotic Pure! 72cb/88 strength/77 dung *RSGP/PAYPAL*Welcome! Im selling my level 72cb pure for either 50m RSGP or 20$ paypal. Everything you need to see/know is below. Thank you for your time. [/IMG] I have all the questions and answers to recoveries. & will set the email to yours during buying process. Some stats are blurred for identification purposes. Thank you for checking this out, message me on here with any questions. :)Desperate for a pure, Will swap maxed 131 main for a decent pure ( 1 2 3)Looking for a decent pure, simple as i will swap a level 131, crazy staker. for a decent pure. ideal between 75 - 95 cb. feel free to message me. thanks. Stats are below.'m Buying Accounts OF ALL TYPES!!!Hey guys im buying accounts of all types... but to organize where all my offers go i made a master thread in the Market Lounge... here is a link to it here ->[SWAP/RSGP] 98 CB + fully quested +fcape + torso + 23M bank + Member [SWAP/RSGP][SWAP/RSGP] 98 CB + fully quested +fcape + torso + 23M bank + Member [SWAP/RSGP] Please post offers on here, or PM! -Thanks[RSGP] Maxed turmoil pure // 30 def ; 75 attak [Trusted]deletedEVERY Premium Script on Rsbot!mediafire/?0cc4gqjt34j254f You MUST run add scripts before using this bot. This bot comes with every skill (excluding summoning). After running that, rsbot will normally open. Youll understand once downloading and extracting. You cant get caught from sythe or powerbot dont worry. Remove the (dot) and add a . obviously This thread will be taken down SOON, Sythe has an agreement with powerbot to take down there leaks- a 37,000$ deal. You also need powerbots newest version...
Thread Status:
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