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    [$25 Donator] Selling 1 Def 92Str Pure! [RSGP or $] ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)SoldSelling near MAXED Hybrid CB 75 - 1 DEFSelling my combat 75, 1 defence pure with MEMBERSHIP. Looking to sell for RSGP for my main. NO RECOVERY questions set and NO EMAIL registered. All recommended quests are completed, including addy gloves. All offers will be acknowledged. Thankyou. Stats: s1117.photobucket/albums/...nt=pure3-1.png UPDATE: 97 RANGE, 87 HP No recovery or email: s1117.photobucket/albums/...%3Dpure1-1.png Quested items: s1117.photobucket/albums/...%3Dpure2-1.png PM, POST, or [email protected]> Godly 87 Zerker Quested!!Hello, I am selling my lvl 87 zerker pure. hes served me really well in the past for pking but i've grown out of him. I am more interested in my main and could use the extra cash. Hes quested, has MM, DT, FT, all that good stuff so you don't need to worry about his def lvling past 45! Anyways here are a few pictures to get a better feel for the account. Shot at 2011-07-19 Shot at 2011-07-19 Shot at 2011-07-19 Happy bidding! first to bid 25m wins!-Selling- Amazing f2p pure. RSGP.Well, im selling an amazing 62 combat f2p pure that can be turned to p2p Here the pics. Ill provide all recovs and ill re-register your email. NOTE:Not going first, I don't care just not going first.selling 1 def almost maxed pure! 98 str! 77 cb! very nice!here is my pure he is almost 99 str and almost 95 mage he has all the "pure" quest done. such as dt, rfd ect.. just post your offers on here my is [email protected] 80 Dungeoneering pure with 1 Def!Ok im putting this account up for sale as I have found some time to do so. This account is f2p and with 80 dungeoneering it also has 200k tokens (enough for a chaotic weapon). Its a perfect account that can be made into any kind of pure, zerker, etc. Here are the pictures of the account. I am accepting both paypal and rsgp (I would rather rsgp)[RSGP] Skiller with 99 Dung, Herb, Thieve [RSGP]So.. i'm going to make this short and to the point. I am a member of powerbot.. and seeing as the changes that have been happening lately, and corrupt staff, i decided to come here. You can decide to trust me or not. I diced my bank away so i decided to sell this to fund my new pure I'm fine with a recovery check done with a trusted MM or if you have 150+ Vouches All information will be given to recover including the login email's username / password RSGP ONLY S/B: 50M A/w: 150M (Just An A/w) Contact: [email protected] Kool.. you agree that if i didn't have recoveries or email and more posts / vouches u'd trade.. why post that.. i said im fine with a MM / OMM recovering it to test info, i can proove i have the pure which i've been working on, the skiller has no members, and im bored of it, i mean what else do you want? I can magically have 100 vouches and become trusted, so if you don't like what you see, then just don't bother i guess.. - You can't remove recoveries anymore unless given 2 weeks, or i would do that. - I'd be fine setting the email to urs during the course of the trade - I can't magically have 100 Vouches.. like really, im sorry i guess? - I don't know what else you want from me, if people don't wantto buy, whatever. Picture: 1 Month Membership left.=p ADD MY AND LEAVE OFFERS ON THREAD WITH UR Selling 4 good accounts for money through PaypalSelling 4 accounts for paypal money.
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