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    Buying a PureIm Looking to spend around 100m, higher or less on a pure. Add my and post on my thread for any offers. What im looking for: 1-80 attack high str, preferably 99 or so 1 defence 94 mage HIGHLY reccomended high range is always a plus 1-52 prayer Important quests like dt,mm,rfd, etc would be appreciated things like firecapes/dung/herb will be a plus also10M! Cheap Skiller account for sale not so bad skills! stHi, i have had this account for about 3-4 years i have no use of it at all. Im not even playing runescape. this here account is not that great but it is a fine skiller/pure account. so you just post your offers and i will take the best offers! im not looking for much for the account^^ only in RSGP! it has some old and good event items about 300k wealth on it. Account is in Green zone. Some good stats 88WC 66hunter 53FM 40fishing 40cooking ETC Picture : :// ThanksLooking for decent account 10m to spendI'm looking for only *TRUSTED* users. Post below and pm, thanks.Staksell acc lvl 55 40atack 80str 1def __________ offer me in rsgp on [email protected] G Maul RusherTitle says it all, buying a granite maul rusher. Requirements: Ice Blitz and or Barrage(82+mage and dt done) Decently high strength(80+ would be good) Ranged level doesn't matter, but would be a bonus. Mith or Addy gloves would also be a bonus. The lower the hp the better, but don't be afraid to offer! My is [email protected] Dung Pure - 79 Dung Level 52Hello, I recently bought this pure from a trusted seller at and I've decided it just isn't for me. This account will be perfect if you're looking for a g2h pure. The dung level is 79 and it has right under 200k tokens. Stats: Login: * E-mail can be changed when sold. A/W = 60M(This is just an A/W, doesn't mean I'll only take this amount). The bank will be cleared & I'm only accepting RSGP or a swap if you're deemed trustworthy by myself. Also, may take paypal from certain people. My vouches can be found in my profile.[STARTER 60 ATTK PURE] Lvl 55 l MITHRIL GLOVES l Runecrafting Robes l ( 1 2 3)Hello , Selling this starter pure. All quests needed have been done. Nearlly got addy gloves to. Reasons for selling? Whats the point in having an account you haven't logged into since last year rofl. Feel free to offer in the commentsBuying level 3 Skiller with x2 99's [PayPal]Hello. I am buying a level 3 skiller with two 99's for paypal. I will only be paying with PayPal (Picture of my balance below). You will pay for the OMM if i do not deem you trustworthy. You must be able to supply me with ALL of the recovery information, which the OMM will test. The account must be a level 3 with NO combat stats or constitution levels. The account must have a 99 in two of the following skills;- Thieving. Hunter. Woodcutting. Firemaking. Runecrafting. Mining. Smithing. Cooking. Crafting. Agility. Here is a picture of my paypal balance to prove i can pay you for your account. Please fill out this code when posting; Code: Username? How many vouches do you have?: Is your account level three, with 10 hitpoints?: What 99's does your skiller have?: How much do you consider a "Fair Price" for your account?: Does your account have Email/Recoveries?: Can you supply me with the recovery information? What is your ?:
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