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    [RSGP/PP] Selling 1def Rapier Staker - 80atk,88str,88mage,91dung,90wc,rapier,cls,maul ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)Everything you need to know is in the pictures below! Post you offers here. Of course I will be taking the highest offer assuming I am satisfied with the offer. I will consider RSGP and PayPal offers separately. Top 3 RSGP Offer(s): Quote: Originally Posted by Clyde_Cunz i offer.. 100m +armadyl (no helm) Quote: Originally Posted by KJB Whats youre ? add [email protected], im re-interested in the account. can bid like 100m Quote: Originally Posted by Disone What is combat lvl? I bid 90m, anyway. Quote: Originally Posted by bullyee I can offer 80m, OMM and Recovery test passed. Add me [email protected] Quote: Originally Posted by G Shock 58 80M offer. PM me if interested. Quote: Originally Posted by youaintreadybro legit 80m offer for the account!!! but i would like a recovery test! bots/AutoPuro-Pro/ and.. runescape.wikia/wiki/Puro-Puro Why should you buy this account? Make 350m a month while doing little to nothing! Accounts have not been botted on in 2+ months and are safe. Assistance in setting up and maximizing your profits. All requirements to run bot are completed! Make 500k+ Per hour. Stable bot Easy set-up. Terms of sale All details will be provided with the account down the date the account was created. Post before adding me on I WILL use a MM if wanted/needed. Offers in RSGP No “tirekicking" No swaps Starting Bid: 10m Current Bid: N/A Auto Win: Offers Vouches These are some vouches from previous account sales! Feel free to PM any of them on legitimacy of my trades! Quote: Originally Posted by cullmaan most patient seller ever thank you very much!!! bought the best ever account for 60mill thank you !! Quote: Originally Posted by jrocc43 I vouch for staking fool he sold me a level 78 pure with a rare name for 60m rsgp, and every piece of info i need,a great guy patient and easy to talk to. i went first Quote: Originally Posted by somedude7 Vouch for StakingFool. He went first trading me three accounts. Patient guy, would do business with him again. Quote: Originally Posted by IWillNotScamU Vouch for stakingfool. Bought account #1 out of his 4 Sorc garden accounts. Quick and easy. AAA seller Quote: Originally Posted by zie vouch! went first and he gave all info, really nice guy Account 1 Login Stats Quests : [email protected] Def Pure - RSGPJust looking for how much i can expect to get for it, RSGP wise 75 Combat 1 Defence 99 Str 99 Range 94 Magic 44 Prayer 60 Attack 74 HP All pure quests except monkey subquest in RFD and Desert treasure. Bank is minimal. Account has a unique display name, Approximate.50 99 1 ... 96 range, 94 mage, 31 prayer.Deleted - Made new thread with better tittleselling lvl 92 zerker with full voidwill put photos up when i know howCb 91, 4x99 , great and cheap accountSelling this awesome account: Login: Wealth and stats: QP: Blackmarks: A/W: 30m, U will get all the details about this account, it also has a 4 letter name Wont sell under 10m, start bidding[RSGP] Buying A Korasi Pure [RSGP]Hi people , Today I'm looking to buy a korasi pure I've gotten 16M gp to spend on one. Add my in sig and post before adding thanks.
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