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    [PP/CASH] Level 3 * 99 CONSTRUCTION/hunt/fletch/cook * 92 smith * 40M+ * 3 ltr name * ( 1 2 3)I can't stand this game any more. I hadn't logged in for over 51 days. In fact I totally forgot the password and spent ages going through my list and then I finally got it. I spent all of last year wasting my time with this account, and then University, drugs and women have shot up the list in importance. Therefore I feel I might as well get a bit of money from this account as it took weeks to level up. I just want to get rid of this ASAP. I have much, much more important needs than this pathetic game. We can use an OMM at my expense; I just want to get rid of this account is quickly and cleanly as possible. I will give you every bit of contact information you need for this sale: My address, phone number, etc. Anything that will let this deal go smooth. I would like to sell to UK people only if possible. I live in Canterbury and would love to be able to do to a face-to-face trade. ***I have a car and can travel everywhere between Kent and Essex - I will also cover some of your travel expense as well if you wish to do a face-to-face trade*** Click either the PM or post text above to easily contact me. I do not bother with online chat methods unless it is a necessity, I would much rather speak over the phone or face-to-face. Thank you.Selling level 50 Gmauler. ( 1 2)Hey guys it's FroJoe again with another great deal! I decided to quit on this account to work on my mage pure and I need some quick money so here it is, oh and the account has about 150k wealth, SELLING REALLY CHEAP.[RSGP] Buying 50-60 Combat Pure (MUST BE FULLY QUESTED)Fully quested means: Addy gloves, DT, MM, HFD, All the pure quests needed.Buying f2p pure at least 80 strTitle says it all looking for a reasonable price add my [email protected] im buying around 10 level 3 skillers. there combat levels all have to be 1 and 10 hp. please post with your account or pm me.Spending 30M on a Skiller!Title says it all! Looking for: -Combat 3 -If a CB Skiller, only 1 combat skill trained -At least 1 GOOD 99, not like WC,Fletch,Cook,FM,ect. -If Combat 3, no combat skills trained! All MUST be 1. Please Post your skillers here, so i can view them quicker! Thank you! ~VictiniLevel 3 80 DungHey yo! Selling a level 3 with 80 Dung. (I'm the owner) WITH ONLY 100K TOKENS! USER: Gones (quite a good name) No rec question, no bank pin. Will upload photos if needed. Using a mm. A/W : 7MSelling level 38 Range/2h account!Hey guys it's FroJoe again with another great deal! offer anything. Automatic win is 2m
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