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    Selling Insane Lvl 84 Ags Pure! [rsgp]!! ( 1 2 3)selling this epic pure IT NO LONGER HAS RECOVERYS!!! This accoutn IS NOT quested since it was botted about 5months ago and has 0black marks . this account destroys in wildy if you have the correct pking gear. it is also 400k xp from 99STRENGTH!! i will NOT be going first YOU will be going first .. if you do not want to go first then we will use a MM. anyways here are pictures Uploaded with CB : 30MILL AW : 300MILL.[rsgp] Selling Beast Pure![rsgp] ( 1 2)Selling my beast pure! Recov and email is set. Will be removed upon a serious buyer. Has about 300k worth in bank. fully quested addy gloves, full zammy book, dt done. 99 HUNTER and 83 FIREMAKING. 67 COMBAT UPDATE: 76 thieveing! Currently taking offers. Current offer: 35m Recovery test has been done by rsprod and all info will be sent after purchase along with another set of recovs and registered email.[rsgp] Maxed Ags Pure 99 Str 99 Range 90 Mage 75 Attack 1 Defence. [rsgp][RSGP] OWNAGE PURE 99 STR 99 RANGE 90 MAGE 75 ATTACK 1 DEFENCE. [RSGP] [email protected]@@~~~ OFFERS [email protected]@@~~~ BANK WILL HAVE NOTHING, JUST QUEST ITEMS AND JUNK. ALL PURE QUESTS ARE DONE, DT RFD MM AM. STATS ARE : 75 ATT 99 STR 99 RANGE 99 MAGE 2 DEF 52 PRAYER 87 HP. TRUST ME THIS PKER RIPS love you UP IN THE WILD MY IS IN MY SIG, ADD ME. [RSGP] OWNAGE PURE 99 STR 99 RANGE 90 MAGE 75 ATTACK 1 DEFENCE. [RSGP] MY IS IN MY SIG, ADD ME.Selling MAXED pure. -Mayhem Makers memberOriginal owner, all account info. Post here or PM me!Legendary Pure 99Strength 99Ranged 99Magic 1 defence 553M Cash & Santa [New]Account Standing My account has never set recovery questions, Email or Bankpin. With the purchase of this account, you will be supplied the Username, Password, Creation Details, Location made, Old passwords, a guide on how to change the current IP in to ur IP. Never been botted, 0 blackmarks. PS: I will not go first to anyone since I don't have any recovery's and email, and risking 553m on this account. Account Statistics Seven 99 skillcapes, check the picture's for more information. Quests: Monkey Madness , Desert Treasure , Horror from the deep , Lost City Items 553 Million in gold, Santa Hat, 7 Skillcapes, alot of potions, Runes and arrows. Contact Details: Email : [email protected] Mail me if you have any questions about the account, yes the account will be sold with 553M. Again I don't go first to anyone so don't add me if u want password first I am new but not stupid. I will accept paypal or rsgp.[RSGP] selling great 1def level 70 pker [RSGP]I will NOT go first, don't even bother asking. I will NOT accept any offers under 7m The account does NOT have recoverys on it anymore. post on here your offer or add me on : [email protected][Buying][RSGPupTO300M] Tank::Must Have 1 Pray/Sum::Spending up to 300m rsgp on a tank, must have 1 pray 1 sum, i wont pay anywhere near 300m unless the acc is sick. Leave offers of accounts here or contact me: [email protected] give awayaccount give away been working on my pure and not much on my main so giving my main away pm me for user/pass
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