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    Buying an account with a Chaotic Rapier!I can pay in PayPal. If you aren't trusted you can leave now, I won't even talk to anyone who isn't trusted as I don't want my time to be wasted. As for the account itself, I'm looking for 80+ Dungeoneering (no tokens spent; wouldn't mind if the rapier had been bought). Not bothered about wealth. As for the stats my preference would be 80 attack and low strength. Despite this, I'm open for offers as it's just dung that I mainly want. If you have any questions reply here. Thanks! Edit: I can pay in RSGP too if the price is right.Selling amazing boxer!! and other main ( 1 2)hii im done with boxing on runescape i bet all my money about 3 months ago on 1 stake and i lost so i am looking for cash to put on my main because im gunna play rs again i do not have a program to upload pics or whatever uhmm this is combat-91 attack-81 strength-71 defence-87 hp-81 pray-1 dung-47 summ-1 basically no cash on this account and i will be willing to use a middle man i will give the recovery email and pass i will give the MM a recovery test if hes a admin or very very trusted i will accept paypal or rsgp offer me on here and if you want pictures and are a serious buyer give me a offer and your email and i will send pictures that i can take from my phone to your email i will also be selling a account with 93 fishing and is sort of a main account message me if your interested in this one too i can send a pictureSelling lvl 83 PURE | FIRECAPE - DT DONE - 94 MAGE 91 STR & RANGE !CLOSED[PP/RSGP]Rune pure 94hunt,40def,3m in items[Use MM]Hello sythe users, i'm selling this nice started zerker. 40defence is quested. Got 3M in items. Please offer price in Paypal USD or RSGP. I know i'm not trust, but we can use Verified Middle Man or Offical Middle Man. I'll give all information to buyer. My only is : [email protected] Stats ,bank, quests and etc..Selling lvl 92+1 Pure [Overloads][Chaotics][Quested]Selling my level 92+1 pure, it has overloads and still a lot of spices, its fully quested for 10 def, has slayer helm quests done and addy gloves, it still has around 50 overloads left and 2k spec restores, it has chaotic rapier, maul, and crossbow. Little to no bank left. Has blue rc robes bottm/top, rouge top, and Fire cape. Good for staking, just venturing on a new pure and need some start up money. My is [email protected] , all offers are considered paypal/RSGP.74 Combat, 60 Attack - 1 Defence - 52 Prayer - 85 Magic - 88 Strength - 80 Range.No clue how much its worth but im looking for RSGP only.[PP] Selling CB62 Pure, Many Possibilities, 94 Mage, Membership, 7/8M GP, Great Pure ( 1 2)NOTE: AUTOWIN IS NOW SET AT $15 FOR A QUICK SALE Note: I am the original owner and this account has not been botted in any way shape or form Hey, I am wanting to sell this account now because I am not feeling like training it anymore. It is a pure, with Death Plateau done. Everything pictured comes with it. Recoveries, Email, will be removed. (I don't remember the email I used to register it but I will see if I can remove it. I also need some assistance on removing the recoveries as all I can ever seem to do is change them.) The pure can be many things as it has a low amount of Hitpoints. You can get 99 Range and not gain a single level (excluding hitpoints). Bank: Equipment: (Mage's Cape unlocked) Stats: (16 Attack is from Death Plateau, did not affect combat level) Autowin will be $20[SELL] Level 93 with 55M Bank $30 [SELL]I'm Selling a Level 93 with 6M cash and 49M Bank for $30 via If you wish to Buy this account post here and I will make a Sell Offer on for you to buy it.
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