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    [rsgp] 95 prayer 30 defence turmoil pure ( 1 2 3)MASSIVE EDIT TO THREAD SCROLL TO [email protected]@@@[email protected][email protected][email protected] RARE DISPLAY NAME fully quested 88 strength 70 attack 30 defence 81 hp 79 range 82 magic access to curses proselyte quests done attack fully quested desert treasure done monkey madness done Bank has been emptied and am now selling as i have other accounts i am working on will consider taking paypal if it works out to get me more rsgp that way. will also consider swaps if the other seller is respected and has something i think is worth it no recovery questions. 68 summoning 70 farming 70 thieving 51 rc 40 slayer 65 smith 65 mining 58 agility pm me to verify any aspect of this account or add me on [email protected] OMM will be used at your expense. Happy sything, still working on getting pictures up amazing pking account, make me an offer MASSIVE EDIT! OK! after taking this account off the sythe market and almost maxing it out as a turmoil runepure it has been rollbacked. i am now quitting runescape. account new stats can be seen below, still has some membership left so buy fast. some items left on the account : not many quests done since the picture above. dragon slayer and fremmenik trials are completed however. all offers considered. consider the amount of potential this account has before offering. with 1-2 weeks work in can easily be an amazing turmoil pure/turmoil runepure once again.Selling MAXED STRENGTH PURE! 99 Strength - 1 def - Level 65 Combat - VERY CHEAP!I'm selling this amazing pure, with a combat level of only 65! Membership expires on the 27th April 2011. No recoveries/e-mail have been set. The account is in good standing; no offenses, period. The total wealth on this account is 5M (PKing gear). One quest has been completed, which is "Lost City", so you'll be able to wield the DDS, dlong, etc. Auto-win: 35M OMM will be used (at your expenses), or you go first.Selling zerker 41 def - 99 mage - 91 str - 75 att - 125qp ( 1 2)( I will be willing to bot 80 dung for a chaotic if you wish ) only for serious buyers and of course this will be extra. picture basicaly says it all. 90+2 (combat level) Has Completed Desert Treasure and has most req's for Lunar Diplomacy. i accept rsgp or paypal. and will be willing to use a mm. ------- the acount comes with 0-100m. you chose. 0.80/m post offers below. P.S. u will go first or an mm will be used. --- sythe/showthread.php?t=871359 - Feren silver's mming service. i have used this guy before for a 70m trade and all went well. + he has 400+ vouches so yeah[rsgp][paypal].maxed Zerker 3x99's_cheap[rsgp][paypal]HEY!Selling this zerker here i got off my friend when he quit. he gave me all details including date of creation. has no recovs/email registerd. RULES OF TRADE 1)You will go first. No exceptions. 2)No OMM required, you pay if wanted 3)I do 50-50 4)I accept RSGP,RSITEMS,CASHVIA PAYPAL 5)If paying with cash, PAYPAL ONLY Starting bid:30m/$30 Auto-win:150m/$150 ME AT [email protected] OR ON AT "NINJAFIGHTERZZ" Make sure you post here saying offer and your before you contact me, otherwise ill refer you back to here to do so!Rapesauce veracs staker 70/30/70 ( 1 2)This account is rape and hasn't lost an arm on fight in arena yet. I really need to stop staking though because i get so addicted and end up staking my whole bank against higher people and getting cleaned. acc has never been membs, no recovs, no email. I can provide all those pics if there is interest. Looking for rsgp but PP is accepted. 45m is a/w10m only for lvl 70 cb range tankcome quick lvl 70 cb 79 range 80 magic 44 prayer 65 hp 40 def everything else is gonna sell within the hourselling lvl 95 30 def turmoil pure 2 99's (RSGP)looking to sell my 30 def turmoil pure fully quested trying to get some cash on my max 40 defence. Obviously I'm Happy for an omm or mm to be used and recov Test can be done also I know I may not have vouches here but I've completed quite a few trades on both mmoexchange and here so I can get vouches if requested (although trade will be monitored by an omm so it shouldnt really matter) the account: Uploaded with photos old but my str has gone up a couple lvls and a few other skills have changed. take note of the total lvl quite high compared to most accounts. has rune gloves addy defender dt done mm done desert treasure done you name it he's done it. Also quite a popular account in the Wildy. 300m is auto win as it cost me 230m on d bones for 95 prayer about a month ago, and I won't be taking serious offers under 150m. Post here or pm to discuss. Thankyoulvl 70 range tank.cheaplvl 70 cb 79 range 80 magic 65 hp 44 prayer and 40 def. everything else is 1, good pure and very very cheap i want rs money for it..HURRY
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