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    [RSGP] Selling level 98 - Many Holiday Items | Red MarionetteHey guys, Devin here.. Looking to sell my account... Recovered it today bc I haven't been on it in forever.. It has the puppet, and many other holiday items. Looking for a good, easy trade... I'm not going first, please don't waist my time. We can do an OMM you pay fees or possibly an MM I choose if you do not want to go first. ---- My is [email protected] - please post first! ---- I'm only accepting RSGP for this account, thanks:) _______________ Current Offer- 30m by bof A/W- 45m _______________Selling Amazing Sw Prod Pure [ 5 Def : ( ] Quested !Hello Guys, I'm bored of runescape ,and this summer im going to play MapleStory so i need money for nx cash - mesos So im selling My runescape pure Edit Now HAS 99 COOKING and 130m, Can sell with the money or w/o money FEEL FREE TO OFFER So I have a few vouches so Do Not Expect me Going First. We could Use OMM, ( You paying feees ) You Go First 50-50 Payment Options : Paypal [Aw 80 $] Highest Bid Wins Runescape gp MapleStory Mesos Login Stats Quests Any Questions? Feel Free to Pm Me-[rsgp]- Staker/boxer 62/40/70 Cb 66 -[rsgp]-Selling this pretty cool boxer. you can go 70/40/70 or keep it as is. i prefer to keep it at 62/40/70 so i fight lower cb people instead of people my cb with the exact same stats. usually wins 9/10 in armor/boxing F2P stakes a/w: ?? no email no recov never members will go first if you are trusted. otherwise OMM on you. [email protected] my Selling EPIC lvl 78 PURE ! ( 1 2 3)This account was created by ME and i will give you the email that it was created on. There is no safer way to do that. We will use OMM , You paying. Please no lowball offers. Thanks. Will do RSGP or PP.(must be verfied and 20+ vouch) 1m = .60 STATS LOGIN BANKBuying a Pure With 82 mage and 70+ Range For $35Buying a Pure with 82+ Mage and 70+ Range Over Paypal, I will buy it for no more than $45..To Contact me Please add me on or [email protected] =xc4p0n3xSelling Sexy Zerker 99 agility 96 str 94 mage d gloves firecapeselling my baby =( been working on this sucker for as long as i could remember. DT-Done Lunar-Done Ferminik trials- Done all necessary quest- Done i play too much on my main and dont have time for this account anymore selling for as much as i can get only accept rsgp and paypal If your interested in seriously buying please post your offers my is open 24-7 since its linked to my phone. add [email protected] if u are truly interested in buying this account. taking recoveries off as we speak so please be patientSelling 2 decent accounts (One with 2 chaotics)Selling these two accounts, the one with the chaotics was rolled back but still decent. It is 80 dung with 2 chaotics. The lvl 99 with the two chaotics also has a 2 letter name. I'm selling the two chaotics account for 65.00$ pp or 95m rsgp. The other account will be sold for 30$ or 50m rsgp. : [email protected] post below before adding my . or private message me. We will discuss more over . Lvl 99 Level 90Buying pure account.Hi, new here and I would like to purchase a pure account. I will be using paypal or Rsgp,Would much rather do paypal. Interested in: rolled back pures-I'll pay top dollar. 50 att starter turmoil maxed mauler handcannon pures 60 att (maxed) I'm also very interested in starter pures with 80 dungeoneering/chaotic staff. Not interested in: Rune pures tanks zerkers mains babies with no skill stats Must meet me in game to prove account is yours. Cancelled recoveries preffered. You must provide all info on account. current update of blackmarks. If you wish to use a MM then fine. I can pay fees if I'm very interested. If you scam me, you will have to buy a new computer.
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