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    selling a void pure rsgp onlyi am selling this void pure for rsgp only has please post offers and add my details [email protected] or my bryanboxerLv 82--88 dung rapier and CLS Frost Dragon Ready[Donator]wrong section[Guru][Rsgp] Selling MAXED ags pure [Rsgp][Guru]Hey Guys im Selling this maxed ags pure. I Need money so i can afford a divine so i have to say goodbye to my pure. this account has an Arcane Stream, Desert Treasure done, Monkey Madness done, Addy Gloves, Ancient book, Book of balance, Book of law, book of war, and a Runic Accuracy Aura. This account is very good in wildy even using a dds it get kills very easy. i am not the original owner but you dont have to worry about that and if anything happens just contact me Stats- Items- Quests- Log in- Black Marks- Payment: I will NOT go first... We Can use a MM or OMM if you would like. a/w - 200m Leading Bid-Selling Zerk (Veng, Ancients, Firecape)Well yeah, i just lost 20M Dicing, and only have 23m bank now, so here it is. Uhhmm alright all im excepting is rsgp, A/w: 20M Starting Bid: 20M MM- Either you go first, or find and pay for a trusted MM yourself. Recoverys in order----- Recovery 1 - Question1- Sythe1- Answer1- SytheOrg1 Recovery 2 - Question2- Sythe2- Answer2- SytheOrg2 Recovery 3 - Question3- Sythe3- Answer3- SytheOrg3 Recovery 4 - Question4- Sythe4- Answer4- SytheOrg4 Recovery 5 - Question5- Sythe5- Answer5- SytheOrg5 ADD MY : [email protected] Skiller[RSGP/PAYPAL]I DO NOT GO FIRST UNLESS I THINK YOU ARE TRUSTED! OR IF WE USE A VMM AT YOUR COSTS Make offers! [RSGP/PAYPAL] Offences- screensnapr/v/5xDVb0.png Login- screensnapr/v/j1oSsD.png Stats- screensnapr/v/s0og90.png Bank- screensnapr/v/3ZImwU.png Quests- screensnapr/v/0QRjwA.png If you need anything else just let me know![RSGP]Black Pure, 85 Mining, Great PKingA/W: 10M Hello I'm here to sell my black pure for some RSGP. It has 85 mining which is great for making money if you'll ever have a need for it. I'm willing to go first seeing as I don't have really any vouches or anything and if it makes you feel more comfortable we can use a OMM on your behalf or a free trusted MM. Contact me at [email protected] if you're interested.[RSGP/PP] Level 62 Range/Thingy Thingy ( 1 2)hey. just looking to see what i could get for this account. if an offer that i cant resist comes up .. ill take it. :] Level 62 ranged sorta pure.. done a few seers village tasks so d bolt spec does hit a bit, max on it so far is 481 no pray... got pray and haven't been pking alot yet.. haven't maxed with pray.. should be 500 + **THINKING ABOUT MAKING IT INTO A ZERKER NOW, WILL QUEST ALL THE DEF, IF ANYONE WANTS TO BUY IT LIKE THIS, LET ME KNOW*** OH SNAP. lol, pics been deleted. well. its got 50 atk, 67 str, 85 range, 63hp, 44 pray, 77 wc, 76 fishing, the usual stuff. Offers,swaps etc please and thankyou[PAYPAL] Initiate Pure | 99 Strength & Range | Fire Cape | 130 Quest Points | [RsGP] ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)This is my old pvp pure, I'm focusing on my staker right now so I don't really have a use for this account anymore. Anyways, I will accept verified paypal and/or rsgp. We will use a trusted or official however I am unable to pay fees. Trusted is fine with me. Email can be unregistered upon request and all info provided. The reason I did not show much of the bank is because there is probably less than 10m in supplies etc. 90 Combat without summoning If interested please add my : [email protected] Please do not waste your time trying to scam, I will only go first to very trusted people and by this I do not mean 10 vouches. I am also very aware of imposters and will always ask for a pm from the . Legit traders please feel free to inbox or add me asap! Spam will be reported. Thanks A/W = CHEAP
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