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    [Selling/Trading] Two Hybrid Pures, Look Now! [Selling/Trading]Hybrid #1 Hybrid #2 I havent botherd with the bank or quests for hybrid #2 because its nothing special. If interested or just want to know more about these hybrids, post on my thread you'r and i will get back in touch ASAP, thank you.Selling Maxed Initiate Pure[PAYPAL/RSGP]A/W:$50/$60M RSGP Hi everyone i'm selling this account because i don't really use it anymore.I have been busy with my boxer recently and i realise i don't need this so why not sell it.There are no recoveries and email set.If you are interested in this account simply just talk to me on . : [email protected] I will go first to trusted members with 50+ vouches.If you are new, you can choose to go first or we can use an OMM/MM. Lobby/Login Screen Bank Stats Blackmarks Quote: Originally Posted by Mr ChOmPy VOUCH For sooyoungie94 Bough 50m He went first Thanks Quote: Originally Posted by kingfish95 sold 2 upgrades to him for 7m each i went first everything went smooth ty broCHEAP {RSGP} 2 99's accountHello, i'm here selling list level 92, not looking for much for it tbh, roughly aorund 8-10m. 99 wc and fletching, Comes iwith fullvoid and range + melee helm only looking for rsgp. Will go first to trusted users.[Paypal/RSGP]96 CMBT|75/99/49|Torso/Cape|79m BankHey guys, I'm trying to sell my semi-failed rune pure for some real life cash or for a decent amount of RSGP. The cash can be taken off if you don't want it. It has recoveries + email set, and all info will be provided to you upon purchase. I would prefer to use an OMM (you pay), and will not go first, unless VERY TRUSTED. Post to offer. Just remember, if we do not use an OMM, you will be going first. Happy bidding.lvl 92 Zerker RsGpHello =) im selling my old zerker since i only play on my main nowdays anyway. It is level 92 f2p combat, 75 attack, 45 defence, 94 strength, 44 prayer 63 magic and 75 ranged, also 87 woodcutting and some lvls above 60. I will go first, i want 10m for it. its member for 18 more days so you can check the adventures log for exact stats. Pm me if you are interested.[RSGP] gmaul 99str 1 def! - 68CMB [RSGP]Hi guys. I've recently made this account and had a bit of fun on it before selling it. The whole purpose this account was made was to be selt but I've never had a gmaul pure so had to try it out! This is easily one of the best pures I've had and can ko from full hp making it a good rusher as well. If you hang around in high risk worlds, find those claw rushers that are skulled and it's an easy 24m for you. The account comes with all original information and I'm willing to use an OMM at your expense and a recovery test. I won't be going first under any circumstance. S/B 30M A/W 150M I ONLY ACCEPT RSGPSellina pure [73 CMB]Hello, I'm selling this pure account. Account has done MM, DT, Ava accumulator but don't have addy gloves. Starting price: 10$Starter range pure for sale.! u pay mmi1202.photobucket/albums/...g?t=1300675782 If link doesnt work use this one i1202.photobucket/albums/...g?t=1300675782 Offers start at 10m rsgp pm me or post ur s/s/s on this if ur interested, 0m bank and mining lvl has updated... meaning sorry no satanic total level... xD Thanks all p>
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