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    -- Sell 99 range pure [RSGP] Only! 70 Combat! ( 1 2)hey all, i will be selling my amazing 99 range pure on only 70 combat!!!!!! - I Have all the account information, - It is 90% botted, over the past year. max 3-5 hours a day. last time botted in april. Bank: Has around 2m member items, FIRECAPE ad skillcape. A/W NOT SET I Only accept RSGP I wont go first, unless you are highly trusted, if not going first we will use a OMM @ your fee. Pm me your email address when intersted. Happy bidding[RSGP] Whatever type of range pure this is.Im looking for atleast 15M RSGP Or best offer. We'll have a .96 Zerker. Perfect Quested. B gloves, Fire cape, ect.I will post all pictures later. Stats are 78-92-45 has 94 mage with lunars. 60 Dung. 81 wcing. Is level 5 in barbarian outpost healer. So torso will be easy to get. Has fire cape. I'm looking for irl money. I quit this game.Selling Insane Pure. 76 cmb 99 Mage/str/range 8 99s 150m+Title says it all... this account has been my baby ever since i made it... 76 combat. 60 attack 31 prayer 1 defence. 85 hp. 99 mage strength and range. has a santa hat plus claws and tons of pked weapons. note the 1700+ total has every possible quest done that does not give prayer or defence xp. 151 quest points. 500+ songs. a level 76 with air guitar is kind of rare. Stream necklace... no blackmarks... no mutes ever... No skill is below 50 besides summoning defence and prayer of course.. im the original owner. i know everything about the quest. their is a month of members left on it and i have every member confirmation code ever used on it. Im clearly not looking for rsgp as this is my only account. no swaps either. I posted this same thing in the wrong forum. if a forum mod finds it please delete that one instead. partial of the money. i just took this to prove the 150m. theirs probably another 15-20m in items on it. just too much to holdSelling rapier pure 80/74 GREAT STAKERAs the title suggests, I present to you... Lvl 69 Rapier Pure This rapier pure is simply fantastic. It has won me over 100m worth of gold and items, and is a pretty lucky account! Vesta long sword stakers cry when I clean them, and staff of light scammers rage when they find out special attack is off. This account demolishes people in its level bracket. Not to mention it has a EPIC STAKER NAME. However, this isn't even the selling point of the account. The main selling point is... NO RECOVERY QUESTIONS + NO EMAIL = UNSCAMMABLE Please check my vouches, I hate scammers, so why the hell would I scam, but even if I wanted to, I wouldn't be able too! This account is risk free! Due to the nature of the account (You change the password and I can never have the account back), I will not go first! OMM or you go first! The reason I'm selling this account is because me and my friend are starting an automated ( YES AUTOMATED) gold seller!(PM ME FOR DETAILS!!! I AM VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS) (You'll see it in action VERY soon) Our gold stock is 100m atm (yes, very sad) thats why i'm trying to get as MUCH GP or money to buy more stock. I am also wiling to swap, only for a staker of equal awesomeness or more!-_- Stats: Ok, I know what you're thinking, (3 Def, wtf?) Well, the 3 defense makes no armour staking a BREEZE. You have triple the defense of someone with 1 defense, NOT TO MENTION you have the BEST weapon in the game. Triple the Defense + Best weapon in game = GF Thanks for the gp. Inv and stuff: I'm looking for swaps for BETTER stakers so I can earn gp, Paypal, or GP. OMM if requested, I will NOT GO FIRST. Due to half my trades being scams (Mekoheart, RnR Brandon, NoLuckHere) I have lost the will to bargain going first for speed. You go first, or OMM. I don't care HOW trusted you are, RnR Brandon was trusted but I STILL got scammed. Screw that. I am willing to sell for cheap, bargaining = A O K! Email is in sig! PM or add me on to make a deal! However please post or PM me your email because I seem to be unable to see friend requests =(. NEW: Want proof, want a trial? Want it risk free? PM ME for a teamview session! Don't know what teamview is? I'll help and set you up! PM ME =). SOLDEPIC Almost maxed Ranged Tank - F cape/veng/torso and much moreA/W - 100m or $80 Post + offer I am not the original owner but I got it off a very trustworthy sythe member and I will have him post here sythe/showthread.php?t=1124148[RSGP][Trusted][08 User] MAXED 60ATTACK PURE [RSGP Only]Selling my own account, original owner. FULLY quested (all pure quests done) - addy gloves, full zammy book, god cape, ancients, etc etc. Past trades can be seen in past posts, easily 30+. : [email protected] A/W: 200M RSGP PICS:[RSGP] Starter Rune Pure Quested (RARE NAME)I will not go first, if u want to use a mm we will at ur expense. My is [email protected] Recovs are set to make sure i dont get scammed, will change upon a serious offer.
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