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    lvl 7 99 wc.Selling this account because just starting rs again but only gonna focus on my main so gotta get rid of my newb accs. RSGP ONLY. will use omm/ or u go first. - Will go first to someone whos been here longer then me etc. A/W 20m. Buyer will be provided will all necessary info for the account. Bid Away.Looking For An Account With 99 AgiI am willing to pay well for the account, it needs 99 agi or mage or both, and have an hp lvl of 10 or lower. Or a quested gmauler....doesnt have to have 99 str or anything it just must be quested. Or an account with 99 fishing/smithing/Dungeoneering. Post your 's on the thread first and a brief explanation of the account please. So sell me your account....Buying mage purebuyin mage pure post picture or stats and what you want.A Few Accounts that gotta go...Hey so I heard about from a m8 at school and I'm looking to get rid of these 3 accounts. Please let me know if you are interested and we can work something out. I'll probably be going first to everyone. Acount 1: 58 Mager MEMBERS Account 2: 74+6 Hybrid MEMBERS Just leave offers below, or pm them to meSelling Some AccountsClosed[RSGP] Looking for a Chaotic mauler! [CLICK]Heey People, I'm looking for a account with 80 att , 1 def , 80 dung or higher 45+ str. [with 200k+ tokens or chaotic maul] I only buy the account from a trusted person If you got something like this please PM me or answer on this topic. Grtz DonnFree AMAZING F2p Pure - 99 fletching - 98 cooking - 86 mining - 86 strength -free-Quote: Originally Posted by X4NRSA Thanks Yourwelcome.Selling/swapping ~99 fish~obby mauler/strength pureIt has good stats. ://tinypic/view.php?pic=24dkap2&s=5 comes with 930k startup cash. also has obby maul Via paypal: $40 can be negotiable. send payment to [email protected] Account swap: Post me your offers, either here or to my /:[email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.