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    Lvl 98 | Chaotics | Rigour | Voids | 99 Range 94 Magic 92 DungeoneeringI am looking for offers, does not mean I am going to sell it for you unless the price is decent in my opinion. Account is 100% mine, nobody else has never had access to this account. Buyer will naturally recieve every information I have of this account, which means everything. We will use an OFFICIAL middle man or you will go first. I will take paypal payments only from trusted users and RSGP payments from everyone. For closer info you might want to know about the account, throw me questions. Some items which it has: Rigour (20% Ranged 25% Defence PRAYER) Chaotic Crossbow Chaotic Staff Arcane Stream Necklace Void range set Full Zamorak Book ... Etc. There is still some membership on the account, expires 28.10.2011. Throw me offers.[rsgp] Main Lv 95 - Good Cb Stats - 99 WcHello everone, im selling a runescape account called warrior8 5, its NOT a pure, but since it has 99 Woodcutting you may see it as a skiller. PICTURES: Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with got offered 8M, offer higher! RSGP ONLY!Selling 1 def Pure|Rune Pure|Fully QuestedLVL 69- True Prey V2- 1 def pure LVL 81- Nh M A Z E-Rune Pure Taking no offer less than 10m...I am trusted bcuz i absolutely do not tolaerate hacking or scamming bcuz i am a victim. If you DONT believe me I am willing to show pics of stats, quests, and tht ther are no recoveries.★ 61 Combat | 77 Attack | 1 Defence | 87 Dunge | 400k Tokens ★No wealth. No recoveries. No registered E-mail. Membership until 11.11.11. RSGP Only.Buying Zerker PureAs the title says, interested in buying a zerker pure. Main stats I am looking for: Attack - 60-75. Strength - Anything above 70. Defense - No higher than 45. Range - Preferably 70+ (If not, no problem.) Magic - Preferably 85+ (If not, no problem.) Prayer - Doesn't matter. Not too picky on the quests. Preferably fully quested though.Looking for amazing pker 1def RSGP Trusted onlyhey im looking for a great pking account with 1 defense, i will only buy from trusted users, i have 150mil rsgp to spend so add my if u have an account to sell - [email protected][PayPal] 1 Def; 99 Str, 99 Range, 99 Mage, Addy Gloves, 1600+ Total[PayPal]Getting rid of this account because I simply don't want it. Although it will be amazing when it has a rapier and 80 attack, I simply can't be asked to waste the hours getting it. Only PayPal will be accepted. Comes with all information to get a successful recovery appeal. Autowin = $150Buying F2P Pure + 85 miner.Hi sythe. I'm buying a f2p pure. I do not want a rune pure and only requirement is 1 def. I have up to 20mil to spend.. Post offers on here. I'm not gonna post my or any other contact info on here. Thank you! Also looking for an account with 85+ mining. Doesn't have to be the same as the pker
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