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    Looking to Buy 1Def Pure, DT+Addy glove DoneTitle says it all, let me know what u got.[99 Magic, High Strength and Ranged] GREAT PURE ( 1 2)Has about 300k Worth of items and stuff on it Selling this Pure, No A/W Looking for either RSGP or Paypal. I Will only go first if the member is trusted. You offer?[RSGP] 40 Def Rune Pure| 93 STR, 31 Pray - 77 CB! (Ready for pking!) [RSGP]Thelegenz here selling my 40 def pker for RSGP Pictures: Stats: Items/Bank: Login Screen: Offences: A/W: 20m RSGP[rsgp] 1 Def/dt/mm/4godbooks/mithgloves/claw Rusher [rsgp]Hey guys im new to sythe and im looking to sell my pure. F U L L Y Q U E S T E D ! GOLD 4 RS OFFERED ME 20$ PAYPAL I CAN PROVE IT WITH THE CODE THEY GIVE! : [email protected] A/w = 20m! BUMP[PURE][99 str]Selling level 87+2[100% Legit][15+ Vouches]Hello. I am selling a pure 99 strength account. I am not the original owner but it was sold by a trusted member of sythe. I have account information. HERE IS THE ACCOUNT Welcome Screen: Bank: Skills: Red = Level 80 and above Orange = Level 70-79 Green = Level 60-69 Blue = 50-59 Yellow = 40-49 White = 40 or less Black = Level 1 - [email protected] Or PM me. Quote: Application: Will you vouche? - How much for this account- Payment Method- -Trading In Maxed Out Meleer!! 88 Dung 91 Herb TurmA/W $100 OR 100M OR A VERY GOOD PURE ON RS hey guys im deciding to sell my acc because im bored. U understand its the same over over again i rush with kosari i die e.t.c w.e so im deciding to swap it for pure . I wil be going first depending on ur vouches or going first on 50.50 [email protected][RSGP] Selling Lv85 rune pure [RSGP]I will not be going first whatsoever UNLESS your are HIGHLY trusted. Either you go first,50/50 or we get an omm. I will be accepting offers for the acc, thats why i have a a/w price setup. A/W is 50m. Here are pics. : [email protected][RSGP] Selling starter zerker [RSGP]Selling this starter zerker. A/W = 8m
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