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    [RSGP/Paypal] Selling level 61 Pure! Mithril Gloves! 1.3m BankHello, i am looking for pretty much any IRL/RS money as i do not want this account any more, it has 24 days of membership left. I will most probably take the first Half-Decent bid! It also has 0 Black Marks!! Thanks and happy Forum'ing :) Uploaded with ImageShack.usSelling WoW [70] DEATH KNIGHT, [68] HUNTER + Alts for RUNESCAPE!***ACCOUNT HAS CATYCALISM Hello all, i havent been on sythe for months and months, but im here again trying to swap my WoW account for a RS account or paypal, I dont have any 85's on it, as this was my first WoW account and hadn't had it for very long before i got myself another wow account with better toons. I know accounts below 85 arent very want-able, but if there is anybody out there who wants to swap this for a decent runescape account or paypal, that would be awesome. (if anybody wants to swap for WoW thats fine too) This account would be great if you're just starting WoW or you just want a new account. THE ACCOUNT ALSO STILL HAS TIME ON IT. : [email protected] UPDATE: the DEATH KNIGHT is level 70, WITH all 70 PvP armour and extras The HUNTER is almost level 68, with all 60 gear, (OWNS in PvP) i can have a MM verify the new updates, i just dont have any new screen capture programs so i cant take new pictures. These are the most recent. Now for the accounts,level 79 noob accMy n00b acc going cheap any offers. I accept paypal or rsgp. My email is [email protected] really taking low amounts for this account guys so dont be shy just want a quick sale and easy transaction. thankszerker pure lf offers ill go first!!! TYm=hiscore/ [email protected] pure 9m great price, get service :Dhello i am currently selling a runescape account that is a zerker pure here are some screen shots of it I'm currently looking at 9-12m for this but we can compromise somthings Stats Login : [email protected] 99 Strength F2p Pure - 40 Att | 1 def | 90 Range | 80 HP | 80 MiningThe accounts/display name is original, meaning it has a very cool name. This account does not have an e-mail login. It has about 10M bank (Pking items & cash). No recoveries/e-mail have been set, ever. The Combat level is: 69 Perfect for owning in the wildy! Upon purchase I'll provide the following recovery details to fully (100%) recover the account: ISP, previous passwords, membership details, postcode, location, IP, and creation details. Current bid: 130M Post your offers!selling level 65 pure 61 atk 72 str and 6 def 10mselling this pure for 10m has revoves i will tell answers as i dont know how to delete them pics are here i1230.photobucket/albums/...mshoe/pic1.png i1230.photobucket/albums/...mshoe/pic2.pngSelling zerker pure!selling a zerker pure has 84 att 82 strength 45 deff 84 mage 71 range 52 prayer. and done desert treasure.. happy to hear offers
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