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    Account Shop:60 Atk/Barrage Pures , Mid Levels, Range Hybrids, and more ( 1 2)Well, i had 1.4b and i went duel arena because i was bored and lets just say 1.4b is now 1.4k. so... i've decided to sell all the accounts i play between and just stick to my main. Lots of these accounts are used for hybrid pking and i have videos on each of them, so if you're willing to purchase any of these great pking accounts it would really help me. Account #1. Description: 60 Attack Pure, perfect for any sort of pure pking, Hybrid or edge, great tri-brid stats with everything i pure needs! litterally log-in and pk! Account #2. It was originally a range pure but i got it a bit of melee and then i got it 91 def to be a range tank, still has a lot of potential and is deadly for it's combat level. Account #3. Was my original first account, its a pretty good med level (114 combat) has barrow gloves and high attack for deadly specs! Account #4. Was a pure for a long time, decided to make it into a low level hybrid its 96 combat and has firecape/rune gloves/defenders/filled zammy book,etc its honestly an amazing account if put in the right hands! If you would like to buy, leave a comment with your email and i will contact you. other than that message me on here, i also have /ventrilo/teamspeak3 if you want to discuss via microphone.[WU][RSGP] 99 Attack 99 Strength 99 Range & 99 Mage[RSGP][WU]Hello sythe. I am selling this beautiful maxed beast zerker. A master staker / pker. I will now be accepting RSGP or RL cash through Western Union now and depending i might do Paypal. Main Quests - Desert treasure ( Completed ) - Lunar Diplomacy ( Completed ) - Recipe for disaster ( dragon gloves ) -Heroes ( Completed ) Account has 109QP ..: Offers :.. - I do NOT accept any swaps! - I ONLY accept Rsgp or Western union and maybe PP - Bidding stops if someone hits the autowin. Trade Methods - Willing to go 1st to HIGHLY trusted sythe members ONLY. - Use of an OMM. - You 1st. - Will be no 50/50s (dont even bother) Start Bid: 20M Rsgp or $14 Autowin: 100M Rsgp or $70 Anyone offering something else then Rsgp or WU or PP will be reported for spam. I will video every single chat for safety reasons. If interested post here or add my : [email protected] Amazing Turmoil Zerker (Quested)Hey guys im selling my turmoil zerker so i can buy some stuff irl since i dont have a job. I am willing to go first to TRUSTED people, or we can use an omm with a recovery test, i might pay the fees. The account has recovories set as i dont know how to remove them. But i will provide the recovories and you can verify via omm recovery test. I will also provide all the info for the account, and i will give you my contact details. I am the the original and only owner ever of the account.Insane Pure!67 Combat,80 Strength/80 range.Firecape/G2hHey guys, noob master selling one of my pures which I've been using for a while. I've gotten bored and don't need it anymore. It's level 67. I'll be using an MM or you'll go first to me. I'll only go first to users I deem more trustworthy than myself. Upon purchasing the account, I will remove the email and give you the answers to the recovery questions. I'll also give you any details needed to recover the account. STARTING BID 20M. AUTOWIN 50M. I'm also accepting paypal and gp will be converted at a rate of 0.7/M .Any lowball offers will be reported as spam. Happy Bidding![PAYPAL] Selling BEAST PURE 92rng/94mage/82str/52pray/60attck/99hunter/addyglovesHey Guys I am Selling My pure + my main. I am quitting this game and looking to get something out of the countless hours I spent playing. Basically all my accounts are cleaned except for a could hundred K's. This pure is great for hybridding. It has all the essential pure quests done WITH ADDY GLOVES. I will only be taking PAYPAL because I don't want RSGP or Another Account. Message me some offers and I won't go first unless you are a mod or admin. If you do not want to go first feel free to pay for OMM and I will be glad to use one. Happy Biddng. There is a e-mail registered but will be happy to accept the change of e-mails when you purchase, OMM can handle this. How 2 Contact Me: : [email protected] E-mail: [email protected] Features: -Addy Gloves -Ancient Magics -Holy Book -God Cape -Ava's Accumulater Pictures:[PayPal] Unique Dung Pure (1 Def) [PayPal]This account has all of the god books along with mith gloves completed. Autowin is $40 and I can be reached at [email protected] No recovery or email.[RSGP] Selling BEAST Turmoil pure|87 dung|90+str| [RSGP]ATTENTION: ALL TURM QUESTS ARE DONE NOW HAS CURSES - Looking to sell my initiate pure. - I only Accept RSGPAnd Wu. - 150k/200k tokens for any dungeoneering weapon. - It is 30 def with turmoil. - Has rune gloves, dagon hai robes, avas, DT, ext. - I am the original owner and will provide all details. - Starting bid: 30m - A/W: Unknown - Please post your offer and your . Pictures(paypal) buying STR pure!! asap!Hey guys im buying a pure str. There are not many requirements besides these few Requirements: 60 or below attack 60 or higher str 10 or lower defence I realize i am new to sythe but i will not go first. To show you im trusted i can show you my account which has 100 good feedbacks and those are all throu paypal transactions. Post below some offers and your email. I really want to buy it today so stay tuned! PM me also with some offers. My email [email protected]
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