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    SELLING DUNGE PURE WITH 400k TOKENS |1 DEFA/W? Accepting RSGP/SWAPS Today I have a very nice chaotic pure for sale. The account is still 1 defense and comes with 400k tokens which is enough to purchase two chaotic weapons. The account still has membership until October 9th which means it is ready to use right when you log in! Please contact me by leaving a message below. Also you can add my :[email protected] = Scammer.Paid him 36M to do DT/Prequests, 20-53 thieving. He leveled thieving for an hour then deleted everything off my account and blocked me on . Do NOT trade with this faggot. note: also recovered an account I bought from him 2 weeks ago. Go ahead and take anything off any account you've ever bought from him because he's going to steal it.Selling a fishing skiller (92)/ranger cb 65!!!Selling an account that has these stats. People start bidding!!![RSGP/PayPal] CB:70 Magic: 82 Str: 81 Mining:99 CHECK IT [email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected] am looking for reasonable offers Via RSGP or PayPal. This account was created originally back in 2008. I can provide most details that are still rattling around in my head, other than that, I don't have them written down anywhere. Please post your offers bellow before adding my . Any other questions please PM me or ask bellow. Vouches: Quote: Originally Posted by Bag Vouch for Shadow Lord. Sold him a Gears of War 3 Beta code for 7.75m. Quote: Originally Posted by murdox Vouch, Bought a lot of gold from this guy! I went first. Quote: Originally Posted by Vouch for Shadow Lord sold me 30mil i went 1st Quote: Originally Posted by RSGPALLDAY Vouch for a legit person ^^^^Sold HIM 16M RSGP Quote: Originally Posted by TheChineseChicken just MMd an acc trade for me Quote: Originally Posted by tonitmeister Vouch for Shadow Lord MM'd one of my account trades. Went quick and professional Quote: Originally Posted by Simplicity446 Vouch for shadow, did a trade with him and it went smooth, thanks Quote: Originally Posted by OhNoes Bought that account for 5m. Quote: Originally Posted by TheChineseChicken vouch for this guy! brought 4m off him went first went smoothly , will use again Quote: Originally Posted by Louis Vouch for Shadow Lord, mm'd him buying an account for 40M. Good trade. Quote: Originally Posted by pompom141 Big vouch for shadow lord. I went first and everything went smoothly. Quote: Originally Posted by Xbubblexx big vouch for this guy i swapped my tank for his pure realy good guy Quote: Originally Posted by jaber006 Huge vouch for Show Lord. got my account from level 41- 57 woodcutting very quick. this guy is the best !!! Quote: Originally Posted by Milk Man BIG VOUCH FOR Shadow Lord!!! HE GOT MY PURE FROM LEVEL 34 RANGE -40 RANGE SUPER FAST!! VERY TRUSTWORTHY Quote: Originally Posted by ndogg BIG Vouch For Shadow Lord!!!! Leveled My wc 2 High Levels Very FAST! Quote: Originally Posted by demonmanoj Vouch For Shadow Lord for get me some levels of Range from 29 - 35 Trustworthy Quote: Originally Posted by septicon Voche for Shadow Lord! Did him a puzzle He went first. Quote: Originally Posted by A pro pker Vouch for Shadow Lord, got me some free WC levels[67 ACCS SOLD] SELL LVL 96 ZERKER-75att,99str,45def,99rng,99mage,99agi,1600+total,10 M ( 1 2 3)0 blackmarks all information will be provrided 2*98s (only few exp till 99) so you can make your own gratz party + 2*99 original creator not-email login Accepting: WESTERN UNION (no swaps or RSGP etc) *WU is safest way for me and you , read guide here: sythe/showthread.php?t=570838 and if you still do not know how it works , fell free to ask me on . It is very easy ,you just have to find your local wu dealer, and send money over him or you can use westernunion/ to send money online from your home. You just need credit card or bank account. PAYPAL (direct only to trusted users, others HERE) Price: Waiting for your offers, I will consider every offer Autowin price: 150 USD Vouches: 81 (you can find them : HERE) Sold accs yet: 69 for 3588,2USD : [email protected] *post here your or pm me before adding me ,because I have limited and some of invites may not be visible for me ,so its better if I will add you. OTHER ACCS FOR SALE: PRAY SKILLER -15cmb,10hp,98pray,1175total,5*98(few exp till 99) LVL 3 SKILLER - 7*skillcape(few exp till 99), 1227 total , 44M MAGE PURES -50cmbt,1att/def,10hp,99mage,87smith,53rc LVL 96 ZERKER-75att,99str,45def,99rng,99mage,99agi,1600+total,10 M Feel free to pm me before trade. Quote: Originally Posted by Spyike Stop the Spamming and Flaming.. Keep the thread on topic, anything else will be infracted. BUY FROM TRUSTED SELLER AND DONT GET SCAMMED BY RECORVERING ACCOUNT BACKiCb's Account StoreI will go first if you are trusted or use MM/OMM. This thread will be updated on a regular basis. Taking bids for all accounts in RSGP or MB All accounts are in green zone. Account #1 17 combat No email, no recs, membership until 01/10/2011, no a/w Account #2 68 combat No email, no recs, no membership, no a/w Account #3 65 combat comes with 1m gp Membership until 10/10/11 no a/w If you would like to purchase an account please post below and add my ~ [email protected][rsgp] selling zerker cb 83!! [rsgp]Selling nice summoning tanker cb 27 in member world (24 in F2P) it's a nice acc to stake with it. here are some pictures it have atm 1m in stuff only for rsgp!!![71 Cmb] 60 Attack Pure [RSGP]fadsjkfarkfaskpms;fdfads
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