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    buying lvl 50-60 handcannon purepaying paypal rsgp or will swap for a lvl low level mauler with 86 str 1 def 32 prayer and 50ish hpsSelling Fishing skillers (goldfarmers/bots etc)Selling fishing accounts, useful skiller account, gold farmers, botters etc. Whatever you want to do with them is your own choice. ALL ACCOUNTS HAVE FAKE EMAILS AND NO RECOVERY QUESTIONS. Stock: 5 #1 94 fishing - 11m #2 82 fishing - 9m #3 83 fishing - 9m #4 83 fishing - 9m #5 82 fishing - 9m I will not go first. If you do not wish to go first that is perfectly fine and understandable and I encourage the use of an official in these situations. Please post first confirming you want to buy an account then we will take it to PM. Pictures will be posted before you buy the account for obvious reasons, please dont ask for pictures if you're not interested in buying.»»»»░▒▓│1Alex's Account Thread│▓▒░«««« [Pures/Skillers] [Vouches] »»[RSGP/PayPal]«« ( 1 2 3)Account #0: Combat 3, 1,600+ Zeals, 10hp, 1 everything. - Going to 2K+ Zeals Account #1: SOLD Account #2: Combat 3, Wc 72, Mining 58, Fishing 45 Account #3: Combat 3, Mining 82, Wc 72. Account #4: Combat 35, Str 59, Attack 10, Constitution 48. Account #5: Combat 56, Defense 53, Range 63, Constitution 54. Account #6: Combat 55, Range 82, Constitution 61. Account #7: Combat 55, Range 84, Constitution 59. Account #8: Combat 70, Defense 99, Range 64, Str 68, Constitution 59. Account #0 Quote: Going to 2K+ Zeals Account #1 Quote: SOLD Account #2 Quote: Account #3 Quote: Account #4 Quote: Account #5 Quote: Account #6 Quote: Account #7 Quote: Account #8 Quote: Code: Disclaimer: 1. I will not go first I will use MM or OMM. 2. All my Accounts have no Email, some have recovs. 3. Once you have set email & recovs trade is final. 4. If you level up any skill on account while trading trade is final. 5. No refunds after trade is completed.[RSGP][PAYPAL] 9cb F2P Skiller 2x99 5x70+Hey, was wanting to get some cash for my main and had this skiller sitting around. The account has no recovery questions. The accounts has no email set. The account has never been a member. Offer away. :p[email protected] - Perfect Obby Mauler-Mith Gloves-Cb45-Animal Mag-81 Str-45 Slayer CHEAPToday I'm going to be selling my beloved obby mauler which took me absolutely ages to train and quest. There are absolutely NO recoveries or email registered to the account, the name is unique and awesome too. I'm looking for quick cash so be sure to make an offer! -Large Animal[RSGP]Looking for low level ags pure[PayPal]Hey , looking to buy a low level ags pure. Needs 1 def, nothing above 75 attack and atleast 25 prayer (negotiable). The account does not need any money. No recoveries/email. [email protected] 3 with 30 days mem leftits a lvl 3 with no skills just selling for 5mill[SELLING] - Lvl 3 w/ 99 mining, 99 smithing, and 99 mining! ( 1 2)99 MINING, SMITHING, AND WOODCUTTING - sorry for the typo So I finally finished this pure somewhat, I was planning to level up strength and attack to make wc easier but I decided to keep it simple. A diamond in the rough lol I WILL NOT GO FIRST. Can't risk being scammed again sorry, worked WAY too hard for this. I only accept PayPal. Serious buyers only. PM me if you're interested. It has an email account registered but I will be giving that up too (it's like a mock email with no links or nada so no need to worry). I only put 5mill wealth there to start you off, (I'll start selling gold in a couple of weeks - main skiller has 65mill atm, so yeah pm me if you're interested in that.) Random - I also do graphics on the side, so check them out here and pm me if you're interested in that :)//zukunftmorder.deviantart/gallery/)
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