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    Lvl 58 tank ranger. (67 range) (40 def) OFFER!Hey i am selling my tank because i really just dont play runescape anymore. i will take almost anything of value for this account. i will take: .RSGP .paypal .electronics clothes, sunglasses, jewerly ect. runescape accounts i will also take popular private server accounts and items (silab garza v5) i will go first if i think i can trust you. just send me a message or post on the thread, thanks Pics Uploaded with Uploaded with ImageShack.usSelling Dung pure 80 dung 200k tokens[RSGP/PP]So i just finished this acc and would now like to sell it. Fake email login, no recovs. There is an email that i set when i had someone train. Will change upon trade. Will go first to people who I deem trusted or you go first or we can always use mm . Wanting to sell by the end of today or tomorrow. here are pics. Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with ImageShack.usLvl 20 Veteran CApePM me in game - Emeron I am not going first - post offers, not looking for too much Uploaded with ImageShack.usEssence Miner [RSGP]Hi Im selling an Essence Miner for RSGP Its very very cheap not looking for big Has No Email Registered & No recoveries Has Rune Mysteries quest done You will be given an air talisman & a pickaxe I will go first who is really trusted & an account buyer Pics: If Cant see link: :// Message me here or pm me My is [email protected] Summoning tank from trustedTitle basicly says it.[RSGP]1 def pure!! DT done![RSGP]I'm selling my 1 def pure for rsgp! I will not go 1st to anyone we will use MM. Login Stats Quests DT done! Vouches: :///showthread.php? post here before adding my . : [email protected] account with 90-95 sumI need an account with all combat stats one except for defence or constitution.Level 52 Pure|range mage hybrid-80 range://killenzflipz.webs/apps/ph...bumid=12244538 These are his stats and log on screen, please post me your offer, because I an new at this and don't know what they go for :p also contact me with a pm untill you are sure that you want to get him then I will find something to work with. Since I am new and stuff, if you don't trust me, please find a , to watch over how the trade goes, I am hoping for a good trade
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